Which Review Option is working best for your Premium Marketplace Submissions?


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As you all know, SH sellers have three options to choose how they would like their Premium submissions to be reviewed. They come as follows :

1- Expert Review Process

All submissions will go through an Expert Review Process. If submissions receive high votes, they will be fast-tracked for automatic approval. Many of the remaining submissions will be reviewed by SH team even if they receive low expert votes. Some submissions may get automatically rejected.

2- SH Review (with some input from Experts)

All submissions will be reviewed by SH team before they are approved or rejected. We may consider expert votes as one of the many factors in acceptance or rejection. May add 1-2 days for approval or rejection.

3- SH Review (with no input from Experts)

Submissions will completely bypass Expert Review process. This option will likely add 3-5 business days to the review process.

For me, I’m using the first option but to be honest I’m not at all happy with the results, Not a single submission is getting approved by SH team, Only a few that are getting auto-approved and I find all the rest “Rejected by SH Internal Team”.

For the most recent time i had 16 submissions, 3 of them were auto-approved and all the rest was rejected by SH Internal Team. Mostly not auto-rejected due to lack of votes, They do have an average score but not the required number for automatic approval.

My feedback to SH was to include a reason of rejection once a domain is reviewed, They should say why they think it’s not a good fit to the marketplace to help us make better decisions, Upon my personal insights I’ve been putting more focus on short domains recently, Pronouceable 5L .coms and such as those seem to be performing better on the marketplace, I also use the Marketplace Insights as a reference, And many of my submissions have lots of similar sales at SH and good buyer interest but are still getting rejected.

Do you think that switching to one of the other review options could impact the overall results?

Any input is appreciated.


How do you choose a review option?

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From your “Seller Preferences”.


I submitted my whole portfolio using the first option (Expert review process) to see which names would receive the greatest attention. I will now wait for 60 days and I will resubmit all the rejected names using the 2nd option (SH review with some input from experts). After the second round I will again wait for 60 days and I will resubmit all rejected names using the 3rd option (SH review with no input from experts). I am sure that a few more names will get accepted.

A rejected name doesn’t necessarily mean a bad name. Curation is always a very subjective process, and if a given name has been declined under certain circumstances it doesn’t mean that the same name is going to be rejected again under different (or even similar) circumstances next time.

There are so many factors that can make the curation process subjective. First depends on the other 3 names your name was accompanied by, when shown to an expert. If your name was longer, let’s say a 2-word name, and it appeared in the company of a 4L .com, a 1-word .io and a 3L .net - your name would’ve had very small to none chances. Depends also on experts’ gender, age, beliefs, hobbies… If you submit a sporting name for instance and it’s shown to 7 women and only 3 men - it will receive fewer positive votes. If you show a fashion name to 7 women and 3 men - it will get more positive votes. And so on…

Just try to think of how many factors are involved when evaluating a domain name, and you will see how subjectiveness can’t be avoided. Although it can be reduced by repeating the exercise at different time and under different circumstances.

Hopefully this helps. :slight_smile:

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