Where's The Line With CH Messages? Effective And Appropriate Communication


Hi Everyone,

I was just looking for some feedback from the seasoned vets here on CH. I was wondering how some of you respond or use communications with the CH? I take SH policies very seriously because I really enjoy it here and don’t want to jeopardize that. I’ve also always tried to maintain a high and constant level of integrity throughout my life, so since CH’s don’t always seem to know (or follow) the policies I’m unsure how to respond to some messages.

I’ve noticed sometimes a CH will be very specific about a word or phrase they like or dislike when they rate and comment on an entry. I’m not sure how much conversation along those lines is appropriate or allowed so I usually just thank them and say something along the lines of “I will see what else I can come up with…” or “I’ll submit a few more ideas…” If they say something more general about my submission that is relevant to other creatives I kindly suggest updating the brief or posting a public comment.

I don’t mean to go on too long here so I’ll try and wrap it up here.
I guess what I’m wondering is when I see the CH is actively communicating and I notice other creatives getting one high rating/shortlisted after another as the contest goes on I wonder if I’m being to cautious, hurting my opportunity to tweak my high rated? Are other creatives using this communication link more effectively, or do they just happen to be nailing submissions that contest? How much are we allowed to discuss a specific entry and direction for it?

I appreciate the creatives here and value your feedback and experience. Thanks! :grin:


It sounds like you are using the messaging ability appropriately. It’s fine to discuss your own entry with a CH, and submitting variations of your liked entries is certainly a good approach. You aren’t obligated to share words from your own entries the CH has liked. Of course, if Creatives ask for additional information (like a list of preferred words) through messaging, that’s different. A question like that should be posted in the public messaging area, so everyone is working off the same information. I’m not naive enough to think things like that don’t go on, but personally I feel it is unethical. At one time, Creatives had the ability to message CHs directly, and the number of private messages to CHs showed on our profile page. That stat made it easy to see that some people use messaging far more than is necessary. Since then, Squadhelp removed both the direct messaging ability, and the Private Message statistic. So now, there is no way to know if someone is messaging excessively. It really just comes down to a Creative’s own integrity now.


Thanks @ALDaisy1 I appreciate your response. It’s too bad SH removed the stats from profiles, while some may have been innocent and some not I imagine it was a good deterrent. It helps keep a level of honesty and accountability, I would imagine.

I understand if none of the creatives want to share any details about their messages, but I’m not quite clear on what can be discussed about the specific entry. I in no way want to jeopardize the integrity of a contest. That’s why I keep my messages very generalized. I don’t want to be at a disadvantage though if some discussion is common practice and acceptable. Is there a line to what’s allowed that doesn’t cross into unfair? Or are my cordial “thanks and I’ll keep trying” type comments to the same extent as most other creatives?


You can discuss your entry names with the CH privately. However, a good rule of thumb to follow would be …if the CH gives you basic information that should be for all creatives. Example:. Our business is in Florida and we are on the beach.
You might want to post that info in the public message section of that contest. I’m sure some creatives don’t, thinking they have an advantage.
I will always post any details the CH has given me privately. Just think it’s fair.


If the CH provides info to me for me about things they would like to see me enter, I explain to them that they would need to provide the information in the dashboard comments for the entire contest, but once they have done that I would not be opposed to following their guidance. I just explain that it would be seen as an unfair advantage. I’ve never had a problem with informing of this and actually a few times they have come back and thanked me for my suggestion for them to do that because it helped them step outside of the box and get many different types of suggestions based on their one idea. So, I’ve not seen the downside of doing that and last I checked by the BB, SH said that we were allowed to inform them that we’re meant to be fair and if CHs wish for us to enter entries based on specific information, that it has to be provided to all creatives.


@LisaMac @rareworthy Thank you both. I really do appreciate the helpful nature of the community here. I completely agree with keeping it fair and informing the CH when they provide general guidance that would benefit the contest and creative’s submissions. I actually have had that happen several times already and I politely informed them of the policy and benefits of posting publicly or updating the brief if necessary. I’m glad to hear other creatives follow and support that practice.

What I’m trying to understand is mostly the extent of discussion about a specific entry. Maybe I can explain better with a hypothetical scenario. I’ll use a tagline scenario for a broader scope to work with.

Ok so this is just for instance and not from an actual discussion…

Say this contest is for Krazy Kids Ice Cream and the main points are crazy low price, crazy flavor names that are kid oriented.

Now I submit something like, “Kids Go Crazy For The Flavor, Mom’s Go Crazy For The Cost”

If the CH rates it “like it” with a comment, “I like it but I think the word cost could be confusing to some customers”

Would it be appropriate for me to discuss a possible replacement for the word “cost” or would this be unfair and considered a violation of policy?

Could I reply… “I agree. Would you rather something like, Price or Low-Cost, instead?”…

Currently I just offer to submit more entries and don’t discuss any details or preferences because I’m unsure if it’s appropriate. If it’s not inappropriate and other creatives do it then I would clearly be at a disadvantage trying to guess what the CH wants when most others are discussing and adjusting entries accordingly.

Another possibility is there’s a line in-between that’s both effective and fair. If so, How do you determine line? Or could someone please share an example response along those lines so I can get a better understanding?


If a Ch asks you specifically about your entry, you can discuss it all you want. And no you don’t have to publicly post that.
Ex. I had a client ask me to reverse a name and resubmit it. That’s the name they chose as their winner. I had Frank & Burger they asked me to submit Burger & Frank.
It’s if they give you general info that should be in their brief.


Thank you so much @LisaMac! That’s helps a lot. I’ve been steering clear of discussing my entries in any detail. So basically if the CH initiates the conversation and its specific to my entry I should be ok to discuss freely for the most part? If that’s the case I think using my best judgement will be enough to not cross into inappropriate or unfair territory. The time and energy I put in here may be more likely to pay off occasionally too.



Definitely take advantage of the times when they do talk to you and offer feedback. Just use your senses, mind, AND gut to know when it may or may not cross the line. If you think whatever you’re discussing gives you an unfair advantage then you’re probably right and that’s when you should inform and then go from there. But if you don’t think you’re being given information that could help everyone, or you think that your discussion doesn’t cross any lines, then you should be fine. As always, when in doubt … blue button it. There’s been many times when I’ve had to BB or call and talk to Deni and walk her through what’s going on and get her feedback of whether I’m in the clear or not. xDD She finds it amusing each time, or so it seems. I’m just like, “At least I’m asking and not just running with it.” XDD

But, as I said earlier, use the feedback that you can get when you can get it. We rarely get too much feedback from many CHs just because of their busy schedules, the contests being overloaded with so many entries, because replying to EVERY single entry would be painstaking, etc. IT doesn’t matter the reason and it’s not meant as a negative thing that I point this out. It’s more pointed out so that you realize now, that it may not happen too much. So when it does, feel lucky and use the information you get about specific entries to figure out what they like and what they don’t like to hopefully help you brainstorm more.


@rareworthy Thanks for the helpful info. Wow I can’t believe I missed out on some opportunities like I did. I’ve had at least three times over the last couple weeks and twice I felt really good about my chances but fell short in the end. If only I would of inquired about this sooner…:laughing: Live and learn as they say.

It’s funny you mention Deni that’s my blue button buddy usually. :joy: Glad to know they don’t seem to get too annoyed with us on the other end. I didn’t know how productive it would have been to tackle this complex subject there, good to know they can handle any size inquiry. I’m sure within a couple months they’ll know me by name. I feel the same about asking rather than taking the chance.

Thanks again for all the help. You all have been so awesome and patient with me. I really like this community and look forward to working with everyone. Wishing you guys many happy and plentiful winnings! :tada: