Where have you been all my life?

I’m a newbie. I found this site looking for ways to make some income from home. I have a 4yo daughter and 1yo twin boys. I live in Massachusetts and my parents live in Florida. My husband has a big wonderful family but they are all busy with there own kids/jobs. I don’t have anyone that can watch my little ones so getting a job myself is impossible. The daycare and travel cost alone would drain any money I made.

Anyway, I came across this site and I’m ecstatic! The very first comment on the first contest was rated “I like it” and I won $200! Yes I won the very first contest I took part in with “Gorgeous Gadgets”!

I know this site shouldn’t be used as an only form of income but it is the most money I’ve made in a long time! Thank you SquadHelp!


well done! I also won the very first content I entered and now I’m hooked :smile:


We appreciate you too, @Dusty :smile:


Congratz, Dusty! - It took me 3 months to win my first contest - Welcome aboard, Newbie! :wink:


That’s great! Congrats! I joined a few days ago and just won my first contest too!

Love ‘gorgeous gadgets’–sweet and simple!

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

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Congratulations and Welcome to SH!

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