Where did view top trending,etc tab go?

I just logged on and only options I see are the smart alert links.Has anyone else lost this option?

If you scroll down, it should be available on your ‘my contests’ page when in the view of the ‘Active’ tab, like this:

That’s where I am but it isn’t showing up. Just the smart alerts then when scrolling down it starts with the contests I’ve participated in. Must be a bug or glitch with my device? I will do the ritual of signing out, clearing cache and all that stuff, See if it comes back up.

I’m not sure, it could be. I know that it’s only visible when on the ‘active’ tab of the ‘my contests’ page and should be right there beside where you can download your entries, and view your submission dashboard. But if you are mobile or on a tablet, the page very well may load differently. Otherwise, yes do that, see if it works, and if not then ‘BB’ it and show them a screen shot if you can to see if they may be able to figure out what is going on.Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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Thanks. I haven’t had any issues until tonight. Appreciate your help in trying to figure this out. I will screen shot and BB the issue, b/c the other steps didn’t work.

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Seems they have been hidden/ removed due to possible updates.That’s what I got via BB.

Odd, it’s still working for me. Hm, well I was going to screenshot the page for you, but apparently no SS tool I have tried likes SH’s setup and would require me only capturing visible area like twenty times. I can do that for you, if you want, but not going to do so unless you need it.

Thanks @rareworthy
I got sh team working on the issues. Awaiting confirmation as to what the problem (or change)is? I do appreciate you offering:).The issue is visible on both my phone and tablet. Imma get on my PC and check there as well.

Yep same issue on my PC.

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Yay Yay Yay…the issue has been corrected :+1::+1:THANK YOU FOR FIXING THIS​:heart::heart:

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