When to Use the best entry its in the Stars

As I am navigating around I have noticed a few places to use a Best entry option

  1. the Obvi un-awarded contest where SH admin is making the choice ! ( choose your best 2 that fit the bill
    2)on a contest that has closed with some lower ratings (hey CH take a look here)
  2. on an open contest where the CH rated then went to bed (just b4 you enter) wakes up and continues to rate some but since the previous night and first round of ratings the CH has 500 submissions to go over / since you entered just after sleepy time CH doesn’t really see the name that fell into that dead zone / I used this on the cavity truck after waiting most of the day for it to be seen and got a 4 star .
    Anyone else think of a good spot to use it?

I like #1 the best & probably will use the option there most often.

I’m for using it in unawarded contests. For me, using in an open contest feels a bit high-browed, siloed, hard sell (Best).

Okay I’m seeing a few people are starting to use their Best Entries now. I’ve tried one myself, feeling really quite guilty now :pensive: lol. What can I say I thought it was a great name like all my other ideas [facepalm]

This could change everything.

Still thinks it should be named differently, maybe something that feels like a Trump card.

I like how everyone gets freaked out by new points system, I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax let it play out for a month or two and just be assured if a recurring issue arises SH admin will make the proper adjustments,


I got a 4-Star that I didn’t highlight, and highlighted it after that.