When did this change?

Used to be if they wanted like an 8 letter domain…we had a 2 letter leeway, and could submit 10.When did it change to the exact letter? That makes it alot harder, especially for the short domain requests.


Seems some people literally ask for miracles to be worked and want things that may not be impossible but things that are really going to limit their options and the quality (in my opinion). I understand how you feel. Do you mean you used to acually be able to submit it and now it won’t let you submit if it is over the amount?

@Dan…I didn’t get this answered…when did the letter count restriction change,please,and why? It was much easier when we had a two letter leeway,and I found that on the whole,even if the CH said they wanted a 6 letter name for example…they usually were accepting of a 7 or 8 letter name if it was good. Having to be held to the exact letter count…especially if CH’s are asking for short .com domains…is highly difficult if not improbable to do. Is there any way to have it changed back to the two letter leeway please? It would really help us creatives. Thanks!

@hollygirl, this change was put in place because the 2 extra characters were leading to confusion since the names being submitted did not directly meet the criteria set by the CH. However we have noted your feedback and we will re-evaluate this change.

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