When CH changes mind

I had submitted a bunch of good names for the eye contest…but when I got 11 one stars(a record) I deleted them.Now they said to resubmit.Here’s the problem.I can’t remember them all…and in the interim,some of my names were resubmitted by other people. I am sooo frustrated. If any of my names win…that I deleted…I think I will seriously cry.

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I feel ya. Was it the facial name contest buy chance

I got a 3 star then half unrated half 2 stars. 29 total entries. CH even said they wanted similar words style etc in message to everyone as all of the 2 star entries. Then suddenly they changed my 3 star to a 2. At that point I messaged letting them know I was deleting all my entries which I did

I wouldnt worry they gave all the ones three stars, but there are already some 4 and 5s…so they could have stayed as 1s :wink: I deleted all the threes anyway

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