When a contestant comments on a contest

why cant we go to that contestants profile - I think we can only go directly if they win a contest or are trending in a contest


I know, I suggested that before, or to provide a “contestant” tab where we can look up a contestant’s name to click on and message.

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@Jose, @jackieheraty: We have now added the links on Comments section. You can now click on the user’s screen name in the comment section to see their profile.


Thanks Dan, that will help alot!!

You bet, sometimes we can be pretty awesome! (just not in contests with all our 2-stars now)

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I’ve tried twice to submit a comment on the Halloween venue contest (Baltimore.) Both times the SH system indicated that my comment was posted, yet I don’t see either comment. Is there a glitch in the commenting system right now? Or are comments being reviewed first? Thanks!

@auntshommy, can you please try again? We were updating the site with some new features and that might have caused a temporary glitch. It should be resolved now.

If it is still an issue, please share your browser information and we will look into it further.

Sorry about the glitch. We have corrected one other related issue, and it should work now. If it still does not work, please write back here and we will further look into it ASAP.

I wrote the CH a comment with an entry before I read this, & he responded. The question was about having his name in the entries. (doesn’t want it.)