When a ch posts a description of ur entry

I submitted an entry and the ch loved it then an hour later posted a description of my submission and lowered asked for more like it then lowered my rating. Wow


I have had that happen sometimes @Dansma. It is frustrating but unfortunately part of it. I have given in-depth and very out of the box names that a CH loved and then told everyone my “method”. My name would go into the “No thank you” pile and another name would be chosen :frowning: It seems awful but I know there must be a reason that other name was chosen and mine did not end up working for them. I try to think on the bright side that I at least helped them get to where they needed to be before they even realized it. I think you are doing very well so keep it up because you are definitely doing something right!


Sorry Dansma :frowning: that just plain sucks, you must of had a great idea.


Yeah it was a logo. And I made it blue with a cloud the accumulus one and then they asked for a cloud with blue. Oh well I guess what matters is them getting their logo so no biggie. :smile:


I know the damage is already done, but when that happens, contact SH via blue buttom, and they will alert the CH that they shouldn’t post descriptions of other’s work. They may alter the CH’s comments as well…