What's your unborn Baby - Name/s you won't sell for < US$25K+?


Hi Y’all,

This is just a fun thread I wanted to put up to get some fun in today. :wink: I was thinking about how many of us have obviously had premium names rejected just because we feel they are worth much more than what SH would objectively permit. It is probably because we are in love with those names and/or want to develop them one day. So tell me what is/are your unused and undeveloped .COM domain name/s you wont ever sell for less than USD 25K?? [If I say 10K I know there will be a flood lol ;)]

For me I have a few and excluding the ones in planning/design/dev here are the top 3 unused ones I cherish like babies.

  1. CHIEFTESS [.com] - Wanted it to be my personal site but I went with 3 others lol. I don’t know if I will ever be able to sell it at the price I want it to go for, but from a business perspective the right buyer will not even flinch IMHO :wink:

  2. JANDUS [.com] - An unborn for a long long time, it was earlier my umbrella company name I never developed. I tried selling it for less so glad it got rejected as I have no heart to part with it. It stays in limbo for now :sweat_smile:

  3. INTERACTAPP + INTERACTAPPS [.com] - Big ideas, no resources. My Twins that I won’t separate from each other lol. Searching for the right home now (sigh). :sleeping:

Looking forward to reading about each of your top unborn babies. :hugs::hugs:

warmest regards,


I am such a Little Leaguer that it is laughable. My highest priced domain is for sale at $2199. I wish I had become a real domainer 20 years ago because I love doing this. But as a good friend :heart_eyes:told me, 10 years from now my names will be worth a lot more. Unfortunately, 10 years from now I will be too old to be doing this. I am thankful to Squadhelp for creating the marketplace so I can play in the Little League, even if I am just a second baseman or outfielder. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Commulinks True except you’re no little leaguer dear. Hope you find more valuable names soon. And the value is in the eye of the beholder. Even if objective values are low sometimes we can’t help but believe in our own dreams/gut instincts or it could be just blind love for a dream project lol.


If I can get my profits on my SH names to where I want them to be, I will start investing in much higher priced names. I am profitable, but I need a much higher profit margin to be doing that now. I may get there…who knows…it is so true, though, sometimes you just have a really great instinct on one particular name.


I am a little foolhardy there. I just go with gut instinct mostly and it has cost me a lot of money (learning curve is what I prefer to call it) but has given me a lot of dreams to persue as well. Dreams vs Money?? I would always jump in from a cliff for my dreams :smile: