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Maybe this has been discussed and I missed it, but what is up with the top Trending bar? I see people who have 2 loves or likes being trumped by ones with 1 or even ‘right tracks’ on the trending board. @SquadhelpGrant


Am not really Understanding also …

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@LauraE This is a great questions. Trending is currently a measure of a the number of positive ratings a creative has earned within a contest (on the right track, like it, and love it). In my mind, what you are suggesting would be along the lines of a “Top Rated” section. We are not apposed to the idea, but haven’t seen a large demand of it either.

Any thoughts?

I had asked same question before. I feel it may influence the CH. they see it. And many times 1 like 15 entries is above 4 likes 7 entries. Same goes for loves. So I was told by SH the CH sees it but don’t pay much attention to it. So who is it for. Can it be hid? Or is it important?

If that’s true, I think it’s changed. It used to be almost like a math problem: The person with the most “Love Its” (under the old system) was shown first. Then numerically, the person with the most “Like Its” would follow…I think you get the idea. It was definitely possible to win a contest without being shown as trending. If three contestants had three “Love Its” apiece, and you only had one, you could certainly win if the CH liked your one “Love It” the best. I’m sure it’s still that way. I think the other contestants who were on Squadhelp pre-2016 could agree that this was true.


I think the top trending is not working-not accurately showing who has the highest ratings. I have asked about it before. For example,I know I have, say, the only love it, but I am not on the top trending board. I just think it is not actually showing the people with the highest ratings.


Currently, one of our major initiatives is to educate and encourage CHs in the most effective use of our platform.

We are working on different ways to ensure that CHs write a detailed and specific brief, rate entries, and give private and public feedback.

If you are a creatives, you are surely nodding your head, because you know how important these thing are to your ability to develop great names.

The way that the formula works now, Top Trending could encourage a CH to provide those listed with addition private feedback on thier unique submission, because they have proven to be actively engaged in a very positive way.

Inclusion on the list should also be a sign to creatives that they are “on the right track” in a given contest, and they may want to engage in public messaging or simply submit more entries.

With this logic, SH will keep the Top Trending algorithm as it is, for now.

Based on your feedback, we are considering adding a second list, Top Rated. Thoughts?

Important… To answer the questions about Trending and winner selection, winner selection is based on the CHs love for the one best name (subjective to them of course)…

Every other feature is provided to help the creatives and CH communicate and scrowdstorm towards a truly great name, which they absolutely love!


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Thank you for your answers and feedback. As @auntshommy mentioned, the top trending bar use to display the highest ratings for that particular contest, not an overall site ratings from all the contests. I think what is in place now might benefit those who are able to enter into most of the contests but not those of us who enter a few but get good ratings or even tolerable ones…This is where my confusion and frustration comes in. It’s hard to understand how someone can have the only love(s) or like(s) in a contest, and not show up on the trending bar.

As for the high ratings bar; Naw

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I’ve also noticed that the top trending on the actual contest page and the top trending link that shows all trending in all contests, rarely match. Contest page could show contestants A, B and C trending whilst the link shows contestants D,E and F.
The moral of this story is…I don’t pay attention to the top trending list.

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Hi All,

Popular opinion wins out :wink:

Trending now (again) shows creatives with the most love it ratings, followed by the most like it ratings, and then the most on the right track ratings.

Thank you for your feedback!



Thank you @Grant. I think others will feel better about it too.

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@Grant …let me see if I got this right now
So based on what your saying…Here’s my example for you:
If I have the only love…I am first
If i have the only like…i am second
If have the only right track…I am third
and all others are no thank you…then mine should be the only picture in the trending list or it should show in all three spots
Also, why do the top trending on the actual contest page and the Top trending dashboard (where it shows all contests I’m in at a glance) rarely match each other? Are they calculated differently.

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I’ve been wondering about that too. :thumbsup:

Where is the top trending dashboard??? I’m not sure I’ve ever found that!

@Commulinks…If you go to your “MY CONTESTS” tab. You should get a list with the contests your in.
Active, pending, won, closed, watching and stats.
If you look under the active title, you should see three links… Download Entries, View Submission Dashboard and Top Trending Dashboard.

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Thank you! I did not know that!

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