What's up with this?

A certain contest asked for specific names for the contest and represented the product one way…so I entered quite a few appropriate names and got good ratings…love its and like its. Now midstream,they change the contest to something in a completely different direction…and double rejected all the former names. Is that allowed?

Not only that…am I going to be penalized twice for the rejections, as they all posted two or three times instead of once?


I’ve been having that happen too. My activity feed will have rejections for names…then those same rejections again… then those same rejections again. Like the CH just wanted to remind themselves that they really hated my names, haha.

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Definitely report that to @Dan . Once in awhile people try to get a two-for-one contest. Once they get the first name, they change the contest midstream to try to get another name. Is that what you mean?


We have paused this contest while we get clarification from the CH. If the CH rates the same entry multiple times, and gives the same ratings, it does not have any impact on the creative’s stats or points.


why do they do it though ? is it some sort of bulk rating option , it seems to treble the amount of time they would spend rating when they have already done so

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That one was very strange. I didn’t realize it was changed until later because of all the rejections. Glad SH is taking care of it.