Whats up with this one

you gave an extra 25 days and still no pick …I havent got any entries in it Im just fed up of seeing it in the best entries section lol

Ive been following this one jose, and from what admin told me as I inquired, is that the has CH been in communication with admin, and is going over acceptable names with the Barbados consulate or something like that,and has expressed interest in picking a winner of his choice, so as long as their communication it could be a bit as I asked if they did give any kind of deadline, be it 3 or even 6 months, No deadline was given

trouble is I keep forgetting I have no entries in it and keep looking to best entry it lol

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This contest disappeared, and now, I guess it’s back. I had 2 4star entries that disappeared, or were possibly downgraded. Since a winner still hasn’t been chosen, I would hope they would reconsider mine.

@Dan is there an update on this contest? Can you provide an expected timeline of some kind or anything?

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@kreativekim , the CH has asked till May 15 since they are actively working with the government agencies regarding legal due dilligence. We typically don’t leave the contests open for this long but we do make exceptions in cases where the CH explicitly asks for additinal time and confirms that they still intend to select a winner.


Thanks for the update @Dan.

Figured it would be awhile) good luck to all!

Lets hope its a good one - as John Lennon said

Just checking up on the contest noticed he was on yesterday, Was a shortlist already made from the beginning ?) As ratings have changed since then.