What would help you create great names?


I agree with @Commulinks…we do not want to be offending the CH. What I think is a totally made up name could be vulgar or insulting to the CH.
Second issue is the Contest Titles or Headings on the main pages. Can SH just put the type of business and contest. “Name: Pet Food or “Logo: Pet Food” instead of " I really need a cool trendy name for my business” It would make it easier to look through the list of contests without opening each one to read the brief, only to find out its a medical company and maybe I’m not in the medical naming mood today. lol
Lastly the dreaded BACK BUTTON on creatives contest tab. Just let it go back to the prior tab.
Oh well, that was my two cents for the morning. :smile:


@Stanja1…if you enter the the domain hit the (+) plus sign next to it, a new box opens up to add another extension. You can have three domains with each entry. It only counts as one entry unless you add each name as its own entry. Not sure if i am explaining this right lol


@Grant, a new thought for this string and the brief. Can we add this question?:
What future changes are you anticipating that can impact the name that you seek?

Let’s say a contest title is: Dog Collar Company (FICTITIOUS contest!)
Names we like: DoggyCollar, DogNecklace, WoofCollar

Names are subbed for a while.
CH comes back and says we don’t want dog or collar in the name because we plan to also sell typewriters and apple juice and expand to people, aliens and gorillas.

In such cases, we spent a bunch of time trying to be creative about dog collar on hundreds of names.

So we need to get at (somehow) what plans the CH may have for their business that would change how we should name them.


[quote=“Commulinks, post:44, topic:1980”]
Names are subbed for a while, then CH comes back and says we don’t want dog or collar in the name because we plan to also sell typewriters and apple juice…[/quote]
OMG - I totally agree! :laughing:

Can’t count the number of instances when I’ve spent a lot of energy and time trying to create the perfect name, only to return the next day and find that the Client doesn’t want us to use certain words in the name…

It would be great if they indicated which words they DON’T want us to use from the very beginning. :wink:


I’ve been curious about what a CH would say if asked to describe their product or business as if it were a person. It’s physical and personality traits. To help establish the connotation/vibe that they want a name to convey. I wonder if having something like that in the brief would help.


It’s an interesting idea, I’ll try anything at this point.


@AlwriteyThen…I think what happens is that they don’t realize certain words will not work for them until they start seeing them. But I agree it does get frustrating.


I would simply like to see less of the word “innovate”. It is listed in so many CH briefs and is too generic to really give direction. Odd, interesting details are much more helpful, and also make the contests more enjoyable for everyone (in my opinion). But I’m new, maybe it’s just me?


it would be really helpful to know whether a ch will accept co.com names which a couple of people have made a career of winning with and also if a ch looking for an app name will accept anything with app stuck on the end :wink:


from a tag perspective, I wish I knew the name first to tie it in. When name/tag contests are simultanious that can be har. I wish you guys would link the two as in if you entered the name, youautomatically enter the tag, many times whn I name I already have a tag in mind. I often try to sell my names that way but the problem with that is, it takes money out of your and our pocket. Perhaps the way around this is to make the contest all there right from the get go, If they like my name and someones else tag, its a split, higher fees, ect


tier it off lump it all together with the tag and logo contest ending a few days later, but all linked from start


also I saw one brief where the contest holder said, I dont want very descriptive like divorcelawer.com what they dont want spares time


Whether or not the entry has the right tone or spirit regardless of whether they like it or not