What to do with an entry considered "on the right track"

Hi, so I’m pretty new here - my first couple weeks and I’m not really sure what to do with that comment…do I go back and do anything about it or that’s just a feel good - not quite it but it ain’t horrible sort of grade. On the right track? Do you guys tweak a name that gets that rating? Or is it just an FYI thing like close but no cigar - which to me is what the LIKE rating is…can’t take those to the bank. :smile:

A name could be given that rating for all kinds of reasons, and different CHs rate different ways. Some rate lower at first, and boost ratings later. Some CHs initially rate many submissions high, and lower the ratings later. Here’s some possibilities: It’s too close to a name already in that industry, but it would have worked otherwise (very common.) It’s clever, but too hard to spell. It’s clever, but has a questionable double meaning. The name is perfectly adequate and acceptable, but they want something more than “adequate and acceptable.” Or just the reverse: It’s too clever to work for them; they want something very simple. I’m sure the seasoned namers here can add to these suggestions!


There is no right answer to this question, imo. However, if I get anything above a “no thank you” I always try to make that entry better or come up with similar names.

But try not to get to hung up on the ratings because they can be misleading sometimes. Theres been several times a winning name has been SOOO similar to mine (maybe same word but different spelling etc) yet they win and mine gets a “no thank you”. This is frustrating because had I got an “on the right track” I could have potentially tweaked it to their liking, instead I naturally chose to abandon that line of ideas.

Getting a “no thank you” can sometimes really mean on the right track but the CH just wants it out of their view. Ratings are often used as a sorting tool by the CH rather than a guiding form of communication. Don’t get me wrong, the ratings are vital to me and I take them seriously but these days if I get a “no thank you” I really look at how I feel about the entry. If I think my entry is awesome I’ll continue to test the waters in that direction seeing if anything catches their eye. (I don’t mean slam them with entries! I’ll just throw another one or two in to see if they bite) but if you get anything over a “no thank you” I strongly encourage you to explore that idea or way of thinking!! You may never know what they liked about it, but you know they liked something, and it’s a place to start! Good luck!! :blush:

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If I get a “Right track” rating, I would try a few more entries of the same type or along the same thought process. Say if Contest holder likes words that contain “Fire”, I’d ideally experiment with warmth, kindle, inferno, spark, molten, lava and so on


On occasion some CH’s don’t rate until after the contest is closed…just preparing you for that one…at which time there is no chance to improve on what you have entered. In this case the rating are just for their sorting purposes more than anything.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts, I appreciate the kind words and ideas - hope it helped others as well!

Exactly @lightless ! Good pointers!