What time does your brain work best?

Some contests are like a brain frying, mind jumble. But every once in a while, I enter a contest that just has endless possibilities. I sit here late at night, fill in all of my blanks then off to bed I go. Just as my head hits the pillow…Whammy! A brilliant idea! Will i remember it in the morning? No. lights on, device powered back up, readers on the nose, enter, Then …only then can I rest. can you relate?when does your brain work best?


I can totally relate,ha-ha! I can’t tell you how many times a name has come to me in the middle of the night, and I just had to get up and submit it!


I think that is the curse of naming! I have done the same thing…coming up with a name(s) late and night and getting up to submit it.Only to find many times the name I thought was so brilliant in the midnight hours, was not so impressive to the CH! Lol!


The story of my naming life, Holly!


At the very end of a long, uninterrupted and over-extended session of naming. Momentum I guess.