What’s the first thing you will do when this is all over?

Today, while visiting a supermarket, I suddenly wanted to take canned fish. When I got home, I started eating them - and suddenly I felt that they were practically tasteless! Oh my God! In a panic, I shoved a chocolate waffle into my mouth and was relieved to find that it is actually chocolate and sweet!))) It was incredible comfort!)


I live in New York City. We’ve had over 33,000 people die so far. That’s not including the whole state. The numbers are still changing daily.


So sad. Here in the UK they started changing how they count deaths because of the unfortunate rate. Stay safe. Stay sane.


That’s EXACTLY the feeling :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you so much :kissing_smiling_eyes:
You do understand.


Yup. Been there too many times.
Glad everything worked out.


Funny, this came up from 5 months ago and my answer is still the same and my contact with the outside world is next to nil (including my kids). In fact, I have had to become more reclusive than when I answered this originally.

On a positive note: At least my hubby was finally able to get a vaccine.


The situation got pretty normal in my country, there are still restrictions regarding the number of people in closed space, distance requirements, etc but we’re all much more accustomed to everything and are getting used to “the new normal” easily. I even went to a party a few days ago, several people there were already vaccinated (Serbia is actually quite efficient regarding vaccination, surprisingly), some of us had the virus in the past few months, almost no one was at risk of getting sick. I think that in a month or so we’ll be ready to lift most of the restrictions and open borders, and I still can’t believe it :slight_smile: