What’s the first thing you will do when this is all over?

Hi Creatives,

In light of the global impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to take a moment to think ahead to better days.

So, we are asking you to tell us: What’s the first thing you will do when this is all over?

It could be something as simple as visiting your favorite restaurant or as extreme as going skydiving! :wink:

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We wish all of you and your loved ones good health. Stay safe, take care of yourself, and stay positive! :blue_heart:

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The first thing I will do is go visit my parents. I live in the same area, but won’t risk seeing them now.
Second thing is Go out to eat at my favorite restaurant. Being at home has made me realize all the little things I took for granted!


Go see and hug my adult sons, one of whom has a disability and I am very worried about him. #2,3,4,5+ is to go out to dinner because cooking every day stinks!


1st thing I’m gonna do is thank the good Lord above!!Then get out and visit my family and friends,grab something to eat,and go shopping:)…posted to facebook!!


Parents number one for sure. I am lucky in that my kids live close by, but we are huggers, so the disconnect is profound!


Go running on my favorite trails since they’re all closed right now…


Re-schedule my daughters cancelled Bridal shower (and back up shower)…third times the charm, right?


What about you, @Grant?!


I’m looking forward to going to a live music venue and dancing in the mosh pit. I might even give out some free hugs to random strangers.


Me too!


This probably sounds strange seeing as I live in NYC, the epicenter, but this virus hasn’t changed my daily life much. I have a special needs child. So staying home is the normal for me. Our outings are usually to doctor appointments.
So for me I’m just hoping something is done fast because the death toll here keeps rising at a worrying rate.
But the USS Comfort pulled into our harbor yesterday, so hopefully it will bring some needed assistance to our emergency workers.
Stay safe and inside.


I have to be honest and say that there is a big part of me that likes slowing down and staying home. However, when this is all over I’m going to visit my grandma, parents, my brother and his kids, as well as a few other favorite people in my life :slight_smile: …Then, I’m going to go spend money at local businesses. #SupportTheEconomy


I am looking forward to celebrating missed birthdays with family and friends. :birthday::tada::gift:


Give a big Hug to a Doctor, a Nurse, and any other Healthcare Worker I come across :innocent:


Friends, I sincerely wish you that the virus recedes and you finally can forget about it and make your dreams come true! I live in a huge country - Russia, in the center of Siberia, and so far we are only recommended to refrain from walking and visiting crowds of people. Some establishments are partially closed. There is no panic yet, and many are still joking about this topic. Unfortunately, not everyone is interested in real facts, and perceive this as something that does not really exist. However, the streets have become less busy. Perhaps the virus has long lived among us; we do not know this, because tests are done very rarely and for exceptional medical reasons. I believe that harmony in the world will be restored soon, countries will open their borders and my family and I will finally realize our dream of moving to the capital of the beautiful country of Belarus, which we literally fell in love with during our summer vacation! Be healthy and do not stop dreaming; Dreams come true!


By the way, most of our people consider frequent visits to restaurants, if not luxury, then at least strangeness; therefore, daily cooking for the whole family is an integral part of the family duty of almost every average housewife. For example, a husband or children enter the house and often the first thing they say is “oh, and what does it smell so delicious with us?”) I really like to order sometimes ready-made meals at home, because it’s so nice when someone is cooking it for you! but my husband doesn’t welcome this for some reason) He really likes to look into a saucepan (and it’s better if there are several pots with homemade dishes at once), and you won’t lure him into the restaurant with any gingerbread (the last expression, by the way, is very common in our country))


Go to buy a bike for my 7 years old son that I promised him for his birthday (was a week ago) but couldn’t fulfill :slightly_frowning_face:


Awh. Happy Birthday little Guy!!! :gift::tada:


The first thing I will do is reschedule my son’s wedding celebration. It was suppose to be April 5th, but was canceled a few weeks ago. I will get to celebrate and hug my children and my new daughter-n-law and party like there is no tomorrow and make it a wedding and “NEW YEAR” celebration combo!!!

We know it is going to get very bad here in South Florida; our apex is going to occur in May…So until then, keeping the faith, watching tv, staying home, but dreaming about that big party!!!


First I will cry. I will hug the sons & their partners that are here. I will hug my wonderful neighbors. I will hug my best friends. I will try to get my 9 yr old granddaughter here for a visit. We will go see my husband’s parents, both in their upper 80’s and take them for their favorite Mexican food. My fil had literally 1 month before battled both stomach & bladder cancer, praying successfully. I will sit and have tea with my dearest friends and thank God we are all still here to talk about this huge event in our lives.

@Kasinsky It sounds fascinating where you are and I would always love to hear more how it is in your part of the world.

Be safe. Be well. Share The Love - From A Distance :purple_heart: