What It Would Be Like To Be Rich


This article came up in my Facebook feed- thought I would share. :hugs:

The top 25 most expensive domain names… wow!


People who were smart in the 90’s and bought commercially oriented dictionary words and generic two word combos are all millionaires now. A time machine would have been nice. The highest known sale actually isn’t CarInsurance.com. Vegas.com sold in 2005 for 90 Million with a payment plan that’s supposed to end in 2040-



But can you imagine owning one of them… and back in 2000 someone offered you say $1,000 dollars… and you thought you were making it big :joy:


Yeah, it could definitely be awesome to own one of these. Being smart enough to keep them for the long run was the real challenge back then. Like you said, saying no to $1000 or $2000 was hard, a lot of people sold them for cheap along the way and then kicked themselves. Back then registering and renewing domains cost more. If I remember correctly it was around $100 to buy a .com domain. The only registrar was Network Solutions and the whole thing was done using snail mail! :slight_smile: I currently own a few dozen dictionary words in .com. Nothing that could sell for millions or hundreds of thousands, but it’s still cool owning lesser words. I think my coolest one is Cornflakes dot com. Got milk?


You could totally sell that to a huge company purely for the redirect haha!
I can’t even imagine… I would be devastated- my friend who is a programmer used to own chrome dot com but sold it when google rolled around. He told me that was his biggest regret- he missed out on so much money.
It would drive me insane waiting for snail mail on the domains… now it’s as easy as a few clicks. It’s crazy!


Oh, man. Chrome.com! Now that one is a heartbreaker. Too bad about your friend. But you know, it’s kind of hard to recognize these things in real time. And even if you recognize them in real time- just having the initial capital to make that bet on the emerging technology and in the case of domains also having to keep on renewing year after year… is almost impossible. For one domain or a few it may still be possible if you’re an average guy/gal. But some investors bought hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands at insane prices. Can you imagine continuing to hold many domains for the belief that one day they’d be worth a lot more? In hindsight it makes perfect sense but in real time you’d have to be a prophet (and a rich one at that) to be able to make that bet and stick to it.