What is your sell through rate?


What is your sell through rate of your premium domains at SquadHelp in last 6 months? and last 12 months?

It will be highly appreciated if you share,



There is a table of sales domain seller-champions in the last year in Dashboard. It would be great if, by clicking on the table, a more extensive one with all creatives sales would open


I don’t think personal sales should be listed anywhere for each person unless they wish to share that. It can cause people to get too much negative attention from either side of the spectrum. If people wish to share that information, it’s up to them. But, I’d rather if a feature is implemented for our sales to be listed, for us to have an option for this to not show. I, personally, don’t wish to share that aspect. I don’t like that it says for people how many contests we’ve won. This already create comparison and psychological aspects to overcome for MANY of us. I get why it is shown … because ‘transparency’ … but some stats and features here are more transparent and understandable than others.


Rare, for domains in the marketplace, I really prefer that they be listed. I need to know where I stand because I make decisions about renewals, etc based on many factors. I don’t want to have my head in the clouds thinking that I am doing great when I am not really doing great. One sale always makes you think that 2 more are coming soon and that’s not how it works except for those who have thousands of names or extremely premium names with high dollar values.


Site average according to Dasboard is:
10.8% for last 12 months
5.7% for last 6 months

I wonder if these stats are accurate or skewed by top sellers? I read somewhere that the real stats are much lower than that.

It is interesting to see actual stats reported by SH members


The sell through rate is not “for the last 12 months” or 6 months. It says: “The percent of domains that sold after being listed for 12 months or more” (same with 6 months).

Some of us have been in the marketplace for 3 years. Say for example I sold one of my 2+ year old domains, it would be part of the 12 month sell-through. So that does mean that those of us who have had domains listed for 3 years would skew the 12 month rate for sure. But the point is, that the sell-through rate is NOT the percent of names you sold in the last six months. Instead, it tells us how long it takes for domains to sell after they are listed.


Thanks for the clarification!


I don’t trust percentages, I have above average for 6 months, way below average for 12 months, so I don’t see how it shows quality and sell-through of my domains. Also, I am here for contests, not domaining, but it seems SH is becoming a marketplace first and crowd-sourcing naming service second, but if it works for them who are we to complain :slight_smile:
Regarding marketplace, for me most difficult part is setting the price. If you spend some time you can come up with good description, pick good usage options, but regarding the price, I never know if I got it right. I liked it more when SH did that for me, at least I had an illusion it is realistic…


I agree. I’m here for the contests. I have domains, but only because of SH registration.
However, I do remember just a few years ago Darpan/Dan was adamant about not becoming a domain marketplace. But after lots of requests from creatives, it was done. I’ve only sold one and it took a year.


Can’t believe I was around when it all started (check the date :smiley: ), but I remember I thought - well, this is a great idea, let’s see what comes out of it!

EDIT: Please read Dan’s 3rd post carefully :smiley:
EDIT 2: @Commulinks !!! I knew it!!! Reading through that old thread, I realize it’s all your fault :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


LOLOL Avram! :blush::rofl::wine_glass:
Well, I am certainly glad of it! I have made more money on SH this year all told than any other year I have been here. Not a huge amount more, but still more, even though I am not winning contests. My goal was to make more with less effort. (Whose isn’t?) However, I have put a lot of effort after all in my marketplace names. I probably need to rethink that but I love the marketplace so much and it saved me because I hardly ever win contests. (I get lots of splits though).

Avram, also, try Godaddy’s free domain evaluation tool to get some idea of what to charge for your domains. Sometimes it is great, sometimes not, but it does help a little. Honestly, I have names that I JUST KNOW somehow are winners and I raise the price on them and see how they are received. I have also had names that I priced too low that went gangbusters, so I raised the price.

I also agree with you, Avram, on the sell-through percentages. They don’t mean anything to me either.


Anyone likes to share his own sell through rate?! No one so far participated

No need to put details, you can just post a number like 2% or 5% without mentioning number of sales.


I also agree with you, Avram, on the sell-through percentages. They don’t mean anything to me either.

Sell trhough rate is important to evaluate your business model and see if it is suitanable on the long run or just complete waste of time and money.

Typical sell through rate in domaining in general is 1%-2% per year, in the price range of $1000-$5000 (called the sweat spot).

If STR at SquahHelp is less than 2% per year, then listing domains at SquadHelp is no better than listing them in all other marketplaces (such as Afternic, Sedo…etc) without the need for SquadHelp.


Thanks so much Deep. That is good to know. So does that mean in one year, I should expect to sell 1-2% of my total domains in that price range?

Mine are: 5.1 (6) and 6.98 (12) - but that isn’t the same as 1-2% a year… right?

The way I read the numbers from SH is not the same as a 1-2% sell through rate a year. It says that 5.1% of the names I sold were 6 months or less old and 6.98% were 12 months old or more… (right? not sure!)

OK, so I just figured out my real sell through rate on SH this year alone. I have sold 2.25% of my Premium and Basic Plus names on Squadhelp this year. I am not counting my Basic names. I do have a lot of those but I don’t expect to sell those. I use them in contests mostly and I do try to market them but I don’t pay as much attention to them as I do the others.


Hi Deep, I have sold one domain in the last 12 months. It was back when I only had about 10 domains in the premium marketplace and it sold within 4 weeks of listing. I fondly look back on this as beginners luck because since then, I have increased my domains to 50 and have not sold a single one since LOL. Nevertheless, I hope this will change. I have being trying to educate myself on picking great domains but am a slow learner. Participating in contests has been a fun way to gauge audience reactions :).


Thanks so much Deep. That is good to know. So does that mean in one year, I should expect to sell 1-2% of my total domains in that price range?

Yes 1%-2% per year

The way I read the numbers from SH is not the same as a 1-2% sell through rate a year. It says that 5.1% of the names I sold were 6 months or less old and 6.98% were 12 months old or more… (right? not sure!)

That is not accurate STR (6.98%), you have to calculate it manually. There is no easy method to calculate yearly STR because you will have to exclude domains added during the year and only count domains added before the begging of the year (ex: before 1/1/2019).

However here is a quick easy method (hack) to calculate 12 months STR:

1- Find number of total domains (N) you listed at squad help (all time)
ex: 200
2- Find the date of first domain submitted
ex: 1/1/2018
3- Find number of days (D) between #2 and Current date (use this tool)
ex: 720 days
4- Find number of your sold domains (S) of all time
ex: 30

Then use this equation:
(S / N ) * (365 / D)
ex: (30/200) * (365/720) = 0.076 = 7.6%


If the typical selling rate as a whole is 1% -2% per year, then I got no more than 1%. But I won several contests in which the CH did not redeem my domains and at least received the contest fees, so I consider the SH more promising platform compared to other sites where my domains are dead ballast. Do not forget that there is still the possibility when your premium domains are offered by other creatives !


@Deepblue Using your formula my 12 month STR would be 6.14. That’s quite a bit different than the stats shown on my dashboard, but those are hard for me to interpret because my number of listings has changed throughout the year.


OK Deep, I used your formula and got 2%. My other calc of 2.25% was also pretty good (that was the percent of my total portfolio I sold on SH only this year but I have sold since then).

Remember, though, that SH has one other benefit you don’t get elsewhere: If you win a contest with a premium name and the CH doesn’t buy it, you get the contest prize and can still sell the name. That has happened to me twice and I have sold one of those already. I did not include my Basic listings. I have won contests with those, too. But if I included those, my sell through rate would be terrible. Basic listings aren’t even viewable in the Marketplace so I feel they don’t count. I made the huge mistake of buying those names before subbing them for premium and got stuck with a bunch of them that I use in contests.


Not bad STR but I expect higher STR for SH of at least 4% to make it of clear advantage than selling on other places.

For me the main advantage of SH is marketing brandable domains directly to end users, brandable domains are harder to sell than normal domains using conventional methods (Landing page, Afternic, Sedo…etc) as end users will rarely search for these names because they will not think about these names in first place (brandable names require a lot of brainstorming)… and here is the advatange of SH it shows suggested names to end user to chose from.

Regarding contests I dont see them as an advantage because I rarely participate in them (there are many like me). Even if I participate in contests the winning odds are very slim to make it worth it mainly due to the large number of participants and the very high competition.