What is with all the extensions lately?

Is there something in the water? There has been a landslide of contest extensions. Any idea why the sudden surge?


Not sure, but I’ve noticed that too. Also seems way more challenging to win a contest.


I noticed that too.Not only that…with the new shortlisting system…we’ve gone from none or a handful of high ratings in most contests, to 20-100 shortlisted names in alot of contests. Not only does that reduce your chances of winning, or having love it’s actually elevate your ratings(when there are a million love its…it doesn’t seem to bring your ratings up much,if at all) but for some reason, to me at least…it seems that contests with alot of short listed names are being abandoned. You would think the opposite would happen,as they should have a bunch of names they like to choose from. Right now I have high ratings and/or shortlistings in 35 closed contests…but they all are abandoned/not awarded.I have not had a single high rated/shortlisting turn into a win since this process started. So we are taking a left turn somewhere.


I’d be curious to know from SH if we have also had a surge in the number of contests as well because it seems that way and that may be impacting a lot of things everyone has mentioned in this thread. Maybe those contests are just not getting enough attention? (Just a thought…because I know I am having trouble getting back to many). But I have also noticed that I can’t seem to hit any hot buttons on those either. Like I can’t get into their zone…you know what I mean?

Holly, once again you and I are the same wavelength! I am having the same issue with lots of high ratings and shortlists not turning into anything. I did finally get some recent wins but I have so many others on my watchlist just sitting there.

My impression of shortlisting was that CHs would only be able to shortlist after a contest closed. I don’t know where I got that idea! I do really like the shortlisting though. But it must need to be tweaked a bit.


Sorry…but I gotta say it…it’s very possible there’s a high amount of shortlisted entries because they are automatically placed there when rated a love. Most CHs prob don’t want to turn around and re-rate every single love they already assigned a rating to. It’s basically making them confirm that yes, they only want it to be a love.

If they want it shortlisted they should have to select for it.

In my opinion the shortlist has become nothing more than a stack of cool names that needs to be dealt with at some point and RE-assessed, but instead gets neglected.

The shortlist should be a small amount of handpicked names that are held in a higher regard, and there should be a limit to how many entries can be shortlisted at a time. It sets a priority.


I know what you mean,Clinks. After being in a desert of no wins for TWO months…I finally got a win today…but in a contest where my entry wasn’t even rated.


So glad to hear that you broke the streak!


More, more, more…they just keep coming…


I don’t know, but I agree - tons of extensions. It really is a let down when you’re one of the top trending in those contests :confused: