What is even the point of reporting domain registration?

If the registrant’s name and information exactly match the company holding the contest and still nothing can be done, I’m curious why even have a method where we can report at all?

Just gave away two of my best names. Close to the end of my rope.


I’m lost on why nothing can be done. An exact match should be awarded.
I was just awarded for my report on a domain from an abandoned contest. I’ve reported over 60 and have never been compensated before.


Both if you should blue button and follow up with admin, especially with compelling evidence

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Unfortunately, you are relying on the integrity of the person who registered the name to admit it. Squadhelp does a good job trying to inquire on our behalf, and sometimes you do receive compensation, but it all hinges on whether a third party decides to be honest about what has happened.


@tristine24 Has their naming contest been closeed and awarded? If not, you might still get paid. Maybe the logo and tagline are closed because of the registration.

@ALDaisy1 The contest I got awarded was just sitting there for over a month. They did not rate my entry and had shortlisted and loves. I assumed the contest would cha-ching-split. CH never got back to SHadmin. It was a guaranteed contest and somehdow Admin found a link between the CH and the domain registration. They dont just rely on the CH to admit it or not. They have a few ways to check.

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@LisaMac yes, I was referring to a situation where the contest has already been awarded to someone else. In my personal experience, no matter how strongly the registration data suggests the domain has been registered unfairly, SH cannot do anything in a closed contest without an acknowledgement by the CH. Like you, I have received compensation when the contest has not yet closed, or has been abandoned for a lengthy time.


I can definitely understand your frustration, but this topic should never be discussed in a public forum. You are unwittingly providing thieves with more information so they can become more competent. This post and all posts like it should be removed to prevent increased theft of intellectual property.


If I could, I would vote for this topic to be visible only to contestants on the platform (or something like that) / deleted if that is not possible.


How do I report a domain registration, my point is how can i know the registrant on SH?

@BlueSpice there should be a link next to your entry that says report domain

Yes, after clicking on that, how am I to know who registered the it for real while filling the info, assuming I’ve that same entry in like 4 contests?

Thats a problem. You can only report it in one contest and now that the WhoIs info is usually not available it might be hard to figure out. Thats why SH doesnt encouraged you to enter the same name into more than one contest at a time. Maybe you’ll be lucky and the Who Is info is there.


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PS @BlueSpice…check the date the name was registered and then check the date you entered it into the contest. If no other info is available, I would report it on the contest closest to the registration date

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I stopped counting at 50 names.Nothing I can do about it.