What is acceptable in this case?

A CH commented on one of my name’s recently asking what I thought about a very similar name which they had clearly thought up themselves after seeing my name. I liked it–I’d have submitted it myself if I’d thought of it. So should I now submit the name they thought of after seeing my name? I didn’t think of the name, but on the other hand it was my initial suggestion that prompted them. I’m not sure what to do, here. Are they obligated to use a name from those submitted? If so, I should submit it they can consider it. Otherwise, I’m not sure I should.

That’s a tough call. The rules are you are not to use/submit a CH’s name. So how you became privy to it, probably doesn’t change the rules.You are not supposed to use private info from the CH to benefit yourself, or give yourself an unfair advantage.

They are not obligated to use any of the names they choose. Many CH’s choose a name that’s closest to what they like…but then go with their own name.Or as like in your case… they will often reward the creative who spurred their thoughts to come up with the name,even though they don’t ultimately use their name.

This is a gray area…so probably best left up to Dan or Rachel to answer.

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I have run into this before. What I did was I used the “bubble” to inform SH of it and to ask for clarification. They were great and understanding. Give it a try.


I would think the CH would award you the contest, if a name of your’s inspired the CH’s chosen name and that is what usually happens. If the contest is non-guaranteed, all bets are off.

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Hi @Hlge!

In these types of situations we would prefer that you contact us privately so that our team can look into the specific details. We truly appreciate your honestly and for coming to us before making a decision! @hollygirl is correct, it is against our policy for creatives to submit entries mentioned by the CH. But these kinds of situations are easily solved with a little communication to the CH and we are happy to help with that!

If a situation like this does occur and you are concerned about the use of an entry by the CH, my advice would be to immediately contact our SH Team. The fastest way to reach us would be our 24/hour online chat! (thank you @Commulinks ) It is located on all of our pages on Squadhelp.com in the bottom right corner. Just click the blue circle!



Thanks, everyone! Now I know to go straight to the SH people in cases like this. I should’ve realized that, but didn’t occur to me. I’m still learning the ropes!