What in GG name is a coin how do get em how do we use them?

Also I hate the new screens.



I will try to explain to the best of MY understanding, however I cannot 100% guarantee this is accurate. It’s accurate to my research and understanding and I’m just trying to help since you’ve waited this long. I will link to you all of the information that can be found and explain it as simple as I can.

A coin is SH virtual currency that you BUY/PURCHASE. They are, at this point in time, used predominantly for the Marketplace but also have use with the creation of ‘Lifestyle Images’ for your Marketplace listed domains, and then also have purpose for ‘boosting’ your maketplace listings.


It’s my understanding that you do not HAVE TO use SH coins for submissions, but it is recommended and grants perks such as paying lower commission to SH on your maketplace sales (so look at it as you’ll actually get a higher commission and they will get less) and your submission to the marketplace will be reviewed quicker. It is probably important for me to also say that just like buying a domain name, there is no guarantee that even if you submit a name with the use of coins, that the name will be approved. You will still pay that coin and SH will then determine if the name will be accepted or not. You do have the option of auto-setting a setting in your marketplace dashboard for SH coins to be used first or not. I would recommend reviewing this feature by going to your PREFERENCES and scrolling to find the “Commission Preference (Seller Owned Domains)” and reading the information contained there and then choosing what BEST suits YOU.


Know those images that are tacked on to some of the domains listed in the Marketplace that are real life images that then display the name of domain/potential brand name as well? They look like this:

Well, if you’re wanting one of these types of images to try to increase the chance of drawing attention and interest into your domains that you have listed, you can use coins and only use coins to have SH make you one.


I guess using coins instead of points to boost your domains is now possible.

  • You can now use 500 Points or 1 Coin to do a Standard Boost for “significant improvement in the position (of the chosen domain) for next 7 days.”

  • You can now use 2000 Points or 4 Squadhelp Coins to do a Super Boost to “move your domain all the way to the top 3 pages of the Marketplace for the next 7 days,” a specific placement within these pages is not guaranteed, however.


Coins, as stated earlier, can be purchased but you can also earn them as well.


Right now, a coin costs/is valued at $1USD. But, currently you can use points in conjunction with your purchase to get a 50% discount to that price. So, apparently you can purchase multiple coins and if you, for instance, purchase 20 coins – if you use points (500 points per 5 coins – which would be 2000 points) you’ll be able to get the coins for $10 instead of $20. You can purchase coins by going to the Buy SH Coins Page.


To earn coins, you have to review your experience of the SH Marketplace. Or you can review your recent domain sales. These reviews have to be done on a third-party domaining website (they give namepros.com as an example, but I unfortunately cannot give any other examples other than maybe namesilo or godaddy, although I am not sure. You may need to inquire from other creatives and/or the BB), then you take a screenshot or the link to the location of this review, then you send the screenshot/link to SH via email or BB/chat. After that, SH will review this and will give you 1-5 coins per review based on certain content requirements and specific guidelines. However, it should also be stated that you can only earn a total of 15 coins a month that are complimentary from SH. So if you do five reviews but three of your reviews get you 5 coins each, the other two reviews will not be accounted for (just an example).

Hope this helps!



I just want to thank you for going out of your way to help me and giving comprehensive help. I’m so sorry I haven’t before, I haven’t Been on.


It’s no problem. It’s what we do. We try to help each other :hugs: