What I am really doing wrong in my marketplace name submission?


I started reading and understanding how things work here about 17 days ago (so I am not putting my actions prior to that in consideration here). First two submissions was accepted as premium after a week of submitting them

But Those two are the only accepted names so far. Mostly my submitted names were rejected after 1 - 3 days of submitting. I was thinking hope that my names will likely be accepted for spending that much time on the pending list.

I see some names on the marketplace and it is hard to understand why some of my names were rejected. Is the marketplace saturated or it is just my submissions? I will really appreciate some clues on improving my approval rates as I have tried different angles to it.


Average acceptance rate is around 10% if I am not mistaken, as stated many times this is a curated marketplace, so don’t be surprised if your entries get rejected more than accepted. Put thought into your submissions, check sold domains often to see what is “liked” generally, and hope for the best. My rate is very low, I just learned to live with it :slight_smile:


I submit my names to another marketplace first, if accepted then I submit them here and put any accepted here.

My acceptance rate is higher than the average but considering many of my names are purchased (not hand registered) and that all of my names have been accepted elsewhere my acceptance rate is still very low.

I’ve just learned to live with it too.


When this question is posed most often the reply is to follow the marketplace submission best practices article. Which is not all that helpful and still not consistent with approval and rejections, IMO.

@grant Since this is such a common question, would it be possible to create a more comprehensive guide to submissions? Perhaps criteria that is consistent for both those submitting and those evaluating. Do you think this would improve the quality of submissions and make the evaluation process more efficient? I ask because I believe it would and I’m interested in your reasoning of why or why not this would work.


Adding onto this topic, have you guys observed a FAR MORE STRINGENT approval criteria? I am suddenly struggling to get any name approved, which wasn’t the case 3-4 weeks ago.


It’s always been ‘highly curated’ and stringent, but yes there have been some changes in my opinion. Although with the amount of choices that are already in there, it’s really not too surprising. I’m not sure what to think, really, and many of us seem to have the same queries. Why can some names get approved and yet very almost reflectively similar names cannot. Or sometimes quality of some are questioned by some as I’ve seen here in the boards – but I see that as I do with entries into contests, that quality is like art and everyone’s a critic and 100 people can look at the same thing and there be a hundred different ideas regarding the aspect of it being quality or not. It’s subjective and varies literally by each and every different person that submits, each and every submission, and each and ever person that views it. What is trash to one is treasure to another.

But, this is why I’m known as being very opinionated on things that cherry pick. But, to each their own. I look at it this way, someone somewhere may like it. If one person does there will be more than one person, probably even many. It just comes to timing, location, ability, and most importantly patience and ability to feel out the landscape. Persistence can pay off sometimes and so can patience and having many options. Or you learn to discern what the criterion is. But, so far we’ve really not been able to all be quite successful time and again at figuring that out and the guides, while helpful, still allow there to be some esoteric information into hitting the nail on the head more often than not.


It might be Hit or Miss. ?


Exactly why I asked the question up here. I took time to read guideline articles here and even outside. I thought I was getting the hang of it about 3 weeks so ago. Now I don’t even know if I am improving or it has just become very strict. There were times I thought it was because I have been submitting more of unregistered names (been a newbie) or it is coins related. It is all head-scratching.