What does the CH see?

@Dan…I was wondering when the CH gets entries…how do they see them?

Is it just in a big list that populates every so often? Does it show the creative who submitted it…or is it just the name?

If you have added a comment…does it show with the name…or is it like on our page,where you have to click on the “bubble” to read it?

Is there a place on the list for ratings,so that they just go thru and rate them on the list en masse…or do they have to actually click on the entry to rate?

Just trying to understand the process a little better.



Holly i did throw this out there a little while back, Just had a thought about how CH’s see entries, not sure how entries are usually seen but i would assume list form, So to put it in perspective i am sitting at my desk and someone hands me a paper with 500 names on it, ok i saw them all but didn’t really “see” them all (Make sense?) add in additional work to review comments
What i propose is a flashcard type system for the Ch a screen with 2 - 4 or 6 boxes/flashcards, each with a contestants entry and comment along with a reply box and the smiley system, the CH then clearly “sees” each name and comment all in one, Once all 4 are rated/or eliminated a new set will appear., I am also sure a list system could be be integrated for editing ratings.
Anyone have thoughts on this?

I saw this testimonial just recently and truly wonder what seen really means! "Overall a really great website, I just noticed a couple of technical issues once in a while. For example, I sometimes needed to toggle one of the filters to update the list of entries or it sometimes seemed like the stats counters were not in sync. It would be cool if you update them as people rate, so that the views are completely in sync. It should also be easier to have access to the unrated entries, I often had to refresh the page and manually deselect all other “By Rating” filters, which seems a bit cumbersome.


Noticing even now a brand new contest where the ch hasn’t been on for 12 minutes but in those 12 minutes i saw 4 or so additional ratings come in,

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I am not sure what the CH sees either, but I know I have went several contests where my entries were never even seen even once they went to the final process. I was confused on this. It seemed like many of the entries had been seen and or rated but then mine were never seen. Have also seen CHs rate my entry not even a second after I submit it and with the comment that was posted with it, I know for a fact that the comment either was not seen or at least read and processed, which is a bit sad considering there have been a few times in these cases where the meaning of the entry really should have been seen because it was what they were looking for, just maybe not something they were interested in I guess. Oh well. Either way, I agree with you seezall, that this process has to possibly be refined a bit. It would help if we knew what they were seeing but sadly I don’t need a name nor have the 100 to put up just to switch sides to see what it is like.

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I also wonder how they are notified about a comment on an entry. If I include a comment, then they respond to my comment, then I respond again, how are they notified? I do not think they would scroll back to the entry to see that there is a new comment there. Wondering if those comments are seen.


The entries are visible in a list view (20 or 40 per page, based on CH preference). They can see the creative’s name next to each entry, and they can click the creative’s name to see their profile page. They have the rating options next to each entry, and if there are comments for an entry, they see an icon in a different color, along with the count of comments. There are also several other options for Checking Availability, Trademark etc.

We continue to make improvements based upon the feedback and site usage, and we are working on updating the website UX within the next 1-2 weeks.


@AmandaWhite, they receive an email every time there is a new comment or a reply.


For each entry that I comment on, they receive an email? That is a lot of emails since I often comment on the thoughts behind the name! Or do you mean just after the initial comment is read?

@dan I’m curious to know how often the average CH clicks a creative’s link while viewing entries. Is that something you have or could get statistics for? I know you have better things to do but if it’s not too much trouble I’m awful curious!! Thanks :blush:

I would love to see a screen shot of what the CH see’s (without real contest entries) just to get a better idea. Although you explained it very well @Dan. Thanks, I have always wondered this.


@Dan when we reply to a CH comment on an entry is there a way as well on the entry page to denote a new comment has been made such as “1 New”

If a comment is included while submitting an entry, it does not trigger an email. However any comments that are added after an entry is submitted result in an email.

Unfortunately we do not track the profile clicks from contest page at this point. If we add such a tracking in future, I would be happy to share those stats.

We prefer to not share the actual example of a contest holder dashboard in a public forum however I would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

Although we send a notification to CH in these cases, and show an updated count of comments next to the entry, we currently do not show a “New” or “Unread” indicator next to these comments. This is a good suggestion and we will work on adding that.


In line with that i could see how a CH could get overwhelmed with Emails as well, Perhaps if you decide to make that change maybe send out one notification every 4-8 hours simply saying you have New comments… Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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Wonder if an email triggered by a comment made after an entry is submitted contain an actual text of a comment made by the creative or just a notification of a comment being made with the link attached indicating the source of the comment (such as the name of a creative who made the comment, or an entry) ?

Dan’s reply to @seezall provides an explanation as to why the chain of a comment thread might stop with the creative’s reply to the question posted by the CH in the comment section under the entry without prompting further inquiry from a CH in the form of a second question…

Interesting to know if any comments made by the contestant under an entry (originally submitted while the contest was active), and posted 8 days after the contest completion or later at a time when CHs access to closed contest entries becomes restricted and the entries are no longer displayed, whether such entry comments will not trigger a notification email or be visible to the CH accessing the contest unless granted by a special request to the SH for re-opening of entries as a consequence ?

Thank you


The email trigger by comment also includes the actual comment inside the email.

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Wow, I thought it was completely anonymous. Why should they see the creative’s name? So they’re not judging us just on our entries, but on our profiles too (if they choose.) Wouldn’t they be more swayed to choose someone who’s won a lot already? :worried:


Hi @TerriJ I can answer that for you!

SquadHelp is a platform that is built on the pillar of transparency, it thrives on the honesty and openness of all who participate. We believe that it is important to show as much information as we can without disclosing the actual or any private submissions from the creatives. We are a community, and we believe that it is important for a CH to see that the entries they receive are coming from actual creative people! However, we do not believe that many CH open every contestants page before rating / choosing a name. The CH’s ultimate goal is to find a name or logo, they are going through plenty of submissions in search for what will work best for them. They are here to find the right name, not the right creatives.

I hope this has helped answer any concerns about this topic!