What do you eat for inspirations my friend?


Its been a bit quite on the forum with only updates and questions. Lets help each other and share things that inspire.

I eat this usually for my inspiration:



That’s awesome. Thanks for the laugh Sixthsense!


I guess no one wants to share their secrets.:expressionless:


@Sixthsense Coffee, lots of coffee! :coffee:


I second that coffee inspiration and double it with lots of coffee creamer. It helps if the sweet tooth is satisfied!


I had thought about posting my inspiration provoking food secrets right up until I realized that they simply aren’t working :wink: Keep checking in here looking for working replacements!


chips and cookeis which is why my keyboard needs to be shaken out alot


Dark chocolate and toasted Almonds.


Sitting on the porch swing,listening to the rain and catching the breeze…fills me up with inspirations!)