What can they see?

What exactly can Contest Holders see? More specifically, what do they see about us? Like, can they see, oh that person has 1000 no thank yous and 4 likes, but this other person has won 15 contests, I’m going to only focus on their work.

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Dan has said:

So, at this current time, it seems that they are able to see our entries in a list format and they are able to see our profiles, which you can also view what they see on your profile by going to your account >> scrolling to the bottom of the left side bar >> looking under your “settings” for “public profile” >> and clicking on that. Essentially it just shows your summary which is join date, your profile information that you have chosen to include, and your stats that grace the period of the last 6 months. But as far as how many 'no thank you’s and such, they cannot see that just how many contests you have entered/won and that is assuming they want to click on everyone’s profile or even single you out and click on yours, which we have been assured in the above linked conversation that it doesn’t seem that most CHs use profile information as determining factor. Some might, yes, but hopefully not too many.

Personally I think it is possible that there are some that may do this, but I cannot say positive or negative as to whether this may be an issue or not. Given that even newer members have won and people continue to get ‘first wins’ and such on the site, it must not be too much of a prevalent issue. So, as I said, it probably happens and those types of CHs are bound to exist, but you still have a chance to contribute and do well as well. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


Hello from Greece.

Some time I think that CH cannot see explanation or etymology of the word I entered. Why so? I write the explanation but they asked me about it again saying that they did not recognize some words.

I really need a help regarding this matter because my names are from other languages, or they are roots of existing words in English.

Thank you in advance.

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@VanjaPetrovic Honestly, I wish I could help you, but I have the same issue when it comes to it seeming like they don’t see what I enter into the comments. They burn through the names, it seems, just click-click-clicking away and it seems that there are many CHs that just don’t honestly take the time to read and/or process the choices they are being given. Not only that but I’ve even noticed errors in that process in that my ratings would change from one thing to another in a matter of seconds, almost as if they had mis-clicked or something of the sorts. I wish I could help more than this or explain what may be happening beyond this or give you some awesome tips to counter-act this, but I can’t and it may affect more than just us. We will just have to keep trying and trying. I am one that doesn’t come up with the type of names that seem to be common across this ‘industry’ and I often come up with mashups or alliterations or even use uncommon words that all need a little bit more explanation behind them. Not necessarily meaning that clients/customers would need explanation, but that the CH should at least read WHY the name was chosen and just how well the name may fit what they are looking for. However, if they are just scrolling or clickcliking away and taking things at face value they are doing a disservice to themselves as well as to me and other creatives that ‘volunteered’ our valuable time and energy into our work for them to literally take 4.86 nanoseconds to judge something.


From the looks of things we have two types of contest holders. One type is being less than honest about what they are looking for. They would be the url speculators who are looking for a single word url that will fetch a few thousand USD on seedo They have no interest in evaluating a submission other than for its perceived resale value. The other type IS looking for a business name but they are literally looking for something to “jump out” at them. That situation is rare, and they don’t realise that that is more hyperbolic, than realistic. We don’t accuse. We soldier on.