What are the points about, and do we ever get more of them?


I’m a little bit worried because I just use some points today to enter a contest even though I got a message that said that I didn’t have to use the points if I wanted to wait in order to enter it. What are the points, and is it worth it to use points to enter a contest early? When should the points be used? Will I ever get any more points, or when I use them up are they gone forever?


Mike, you earn points for every contest you enter and for every rating from on the right track to love. So yes, as long as you participate in contests, you will get more points.

As far as whether or not to use them to enter a contest is concerned, sometimes it is wise to use your points because contest holders are much more active at the beginning of their contests and are more likely to rate your names (hopefully earning you more points!)

Points are used for a number of things on the platform. Right now, I use the most points on my marketplace activity. But don’t bother using points for the “Best Entry” option… I think everyone here agrees that is worthless.


Well i find it useful for Marketplace.I constantly look around getting more of them.I even thought why hasn’t SH introduced buying points say $10=1000 points


Pay to keep working for free - great idea.