What action do I take for "on the right track"?

I have received many “on the right track” and really don’t know how I should follow up with those. Any ideas for me? Also, I have received many, many, many, more than many “no thank yous”. I’m getting discouraged :confused:

Don’t get discouraged, we all get zillions of NO Thanks! Just keep pushing on.


I agree with Jackie…I get many “no thank yous” as well. Just remember it doesn’t mean it is not a good name it just isn’t resonating with the CH…keep going !!! It can feel a bit like a guessing game at times.

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I withdrew an “On the Right Track” only to subsequently discover that the CH intended to make it his/her winning entry except that the CH couldn’t find it! Well … I had withdrawn it in order to submit other names, but, to my dismay, and pecuniary loss, I had no further entries available, and an identical entry had been submitted subsequently. Woe is life, preaches the bible. Persevere, I tell my kids. Push on. Greatness follows Goodness, the dictionary teaches.


Oh boy! Live and learn :slight_smile: I don’t withdraw anything. I submit my max and it’s hard enough to come up with those, let alone more to replace them that end up with a “no thank you”. I thought I had some really clever ones. I shall tread on. It will be very exciting when I have my first win! :+1:

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I just want to say there are some really great creative minds here. It’s like I see the winning name and it’s perfect think last one was those cleaning pods .Someone entered Pod squad or Pod ?? .Anyway I thought it was awesome. !!!

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CH might change their minds though, they might choose your name, even your name is on “the right track”, so i think if its not necessarry for you to delete it, then don’t.

I won a $500 contest on a “no thank you”! (Initially rated a “like”)

Another time I deleted a name before it was rated because of an almost identical entry getting a “no thank you”. I later decided to resubmit it, and it won!!

I delete NOTHING!!! I know some of you don’t really have that option, but if you’ve got entries to spare, don’t you dare!!! lol


Hi Blue: I’m the one who came up with Pod Squad. It’s only my 2nd win, after much frustration. :slight_smile: Today has been one of the worst days of my life … I spent 51/2 hours in mediation for my upcoming divorce (that I don’t want), just before my 25th anniversary … and to put it lightly, it’s been rough. I just wanted to tell you how good it felt to read your comment. Thank you for making me smile on such a horrible day!


Sorry to hear that, Wish you all the best Dianna.

Thank you fxpreneur … that’s very sweet of you. I didn’t mean to be all “poor, pitiful me”. I just wanted Blue to know how much that comment meant to me.


God bless you,Dianna…have faith…God has plans for your life even though it seems bleak now…hugs!


Thank you so much, Hollygirl. You’re very kind.

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Hi Dianna, Just checking on you. Hope everything is getting better for you. Me , still working hard for a win.

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I’m not sure if things will ever be better for me, but it’s very thoughtful of you to check. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to get a win!

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I’m so sorry you’re going through this terrible pain. Sending hugs and prayers your way!

Thank you, LauraE. Y’all are so very sweet.

Just an idea about those ‘no thank yous’, maybe an option for some of you

One Creative submitted a stellar name only to have it rated it as a no thank you. He knew it was a great and unique name that deserved better than that, so he withdrew it, waited a day, and submitted it again. This time it received a ‘like’.He’s done that with a few of his names, some received the same rating, others were upgraded to a like. . Anyway, just food for thought…

I wouldn’t touch a yellow face, chances are they may become upgraded


Depends on where you want to go. If you’re headed to Baltimore and determined to get there, stay where you are. Often, however, on reflection, some of us decide we want to go to Wichita. That’s when we trade in our tickets.

Very motivating response. Thank you.

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