What a feeling!

Woohoo, finally won! Just as I was feeling so low and going to sack this whole naming malarkey off, I actually won! Was wondering if anyone else had seen 2000 points without actually winning anything. Seemed like a bit of a record.

Funny how it was with a 7 second name- saw the brief, saw the CH name and submitted on a whim.

I’ve been so close before. Lots of dialogue with previous CH ‘wow what a perfect name, so great for our brand’
Sat there with ba(i)ted breath and thought about how I’d spend my dollars. Only to find that nope, nothing, nada, next. Grrrrr, so frustrating.

But never give up, that’s the motto hey?! And now I feel like I can chat to you lovely lot with my head held high.

Jen x


well done my dear but you havent been frustrated for long you signed up 3oth of march lol

Some people have been frustrated for over two years and still seem to keep going

I know, I know.
It just feels like forever, it’s become an obsession.
I was going to give it 5000 points and then call it quits.

It just gets frustrating when you think you’re onto a winner and the CH think otherwise haha!
Quite clearly I know better than they do :wink:

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Congrats CJen, it’s such a great feeling when you finally get one. :sunflower:


Ah thanks Lorins.
How does it feel after 20?
Do you still get the same buzz?

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Congratulations! It’s great to hear from 1st time winners!

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I believe in the old days you needed 5000 points before you were allowed to even speak lol :wink:


I generally make enough to get my hair straightened once a month


Every time hon, especially when you go 6 months and no win and then you get one. Very nice feeling :v:


Congratulations, @ChickenJen! I too feel great, right now I got my first shortlisted best entry ever! Hahahahaha… Now I have to cross my fingers :slight_smile:


Dude. I think I’m the oldest namer w/o 2 wins. U R the newest, RU Aussie?

U old-schl peeples! 20-char

@ChickenJen, Welcome to the club and congrats on your first win! Hang in there and I doubt it will be the last. Best Wishes. :smile:

Thanks for the welcome guys!
Everyone’s doing such a fab job.

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Congratulations Jen, and thanks for the inspiration! I, too, am at that 2000 mark…lots of good feedback and high hopes…and then pfffft. Told myself 2000 was the end point if no wins. Am I selling myself short? Curious what the seasoned creatives experienced. I see quite a few wins right out of the starting gate. Oh well, sure am enjoying the ride!

I think I won in the first month

It took me 2 1/2 months for my first win.

I am still waiting to get “that feeling” for one! Sheesh!

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I’m still very green, only a few days into this but I find it fun. Very deflating when the one you thought was ingenius is the only name out of 10 the CH gives a frown to. :sob: I wish he would say why he didn’t like it…? I can see this becoming a time sucker. Any good resources you can recommend for name building skills?

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