We're a bit backed up. Due to an overwhelming number of marketplace submissions

Most of the time when I try to submit my domains I get this annoying message:

We’re a bit backed up. Due to an overwhelming number of marketplace submissions, we are doing our best to review the requests and clear the backlog. You should be able to submit to marketplace once we have less than 2000 outstanding requests.

I am almost unable to submit new names anymore, this didn’t happen a lot before introducing the “experts review system”, also I noticed that when this new review system was introduced review times became very fast at the beginning but after sometime they became very slow.

I noticed that number of domains you can submit was increased to 50 names, maybe that is the reason of the current problem?

I suggest to limit number of domains that can be submitted at once and to increase number of reviewers.



Agree. I think it is necessary to prohibit the mass submission of domains. Previously, it was necessary to saturate the SH domain marketplace, but now the need for this has disappeared. Everyone should have equal rights. Anyone who wants to submit one domain should not wait to consider hundreds of domains offered by another domainer.


I appreciate that SH must get an enormous amount of submissions, however I have submitted numerous submissions and only two , that I registered were taken into consideration. I followed the guidelines, checked out the saturation of the market , and was very disappointed when I was refused. None of my unregistered names were even considered. It doesn’t appear any of my 8 unregistered domains were even considered. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m wondering if ,I agreed to register them myself .after they are accepted into Premium , would give me a better odds of being accepted? Any feedback ,tips etc… would be greatly appreciated.

I have already shared a topic here with some feedback and suggestions with regards to improving and speeding up the review process, The topic is awaiting approval.

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I can state that this is becoming a huge problem. I have dozens of new domains in my asset that I cannot submit for approval. Of course, I could suggest them as basic plus domains. But these domains are capped by price $2399, and I have 4 letter domains that cost a lot more. I believe that it is necessary to cancel the bulk domain submission in order to give a chance to everyone - both the big domainer and the ordinary creative with one domain


Our domain review times have been a bit slower during the last 5-7 days due to the recently launched initiatives. The review times are expected to be faster starting this week.

The domains submitted without coins might still take 1-2 weeks for review since we are continuing to receive an extremely high volume of submissions. All such submissions already include limits however we may consider adding additional limits if submission volume leads to further delays in review times.


Please consider hiring more reviewers, also replacing the points reward with coins may help motivating reviewers.


That’s what i suggested here :

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Thank you Grant, the experts are now a little faster. But I feel like they all came from another planet. Today my very high potential four-letter domain has not been approved, this domain has not even received three votes to be visible in the SH market. And this is not the right tactic. Maybe it is worth really increasing the number of experts so as not to lobby for someone’s interests?

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And more. Grant, you wrote that for old-timers who do not use coins to approve domains, the processing time is longer. Is the approval process itself different for those who pay coins and who don’t? Do the experts know about this? Are there any difference when approving domains with/without coins? I do not know how the process takes place, so I ask. I sincerely hope that experts are evaluating domains in the general list and don’t look different lists

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I am assuming that review times are slower because 1) it’s summertime for some and 2) There are summer holidays/vacations


You should hold on to your domain and do this:

  1. Click the link in your dashboard to ask SH to re-review your domain
  2. If it is still rejected, then wait 90 days and resub it.

Also, can we please stop bashing reviewers at every single turn?

I think you and others already know how this system works. If not, read about it again. Reviewers see 4 names and can only choose one (sometimes two). I assume all reviewers get different random combinations of names in order to PREVENT “lobbying for someone’s interest.” Why would people keep assuming that this is even happening? I am sort of dumbfounded at the constant (CONSTANT) accusations!

Come on now. Let’s just stop this bashing friends, OK? Tons of names are being approved for tons of people. But sometimes, it doesn’t work out because your name may be up against names that are better for whatever reason.

I have names that SH itself rejected 2 years ago - that I resubbed and the experts approved. I kept trying because I believed in that name.

Nobody is lobbying for anything. Nobody is behind the scenes trying to sabotage anyone. This just isn’t happening.


Thanks for trying to help. But 5 requests per month will not save the situation when you have hundreds of domains. And believe me, I still don’t know how our domains are being approved! Grant said here that for those who don’t use coins, the time frame is much longer. Therefore, I reasonably asked if there were separate approval lists for those who used coins and those who did not. There is no accusation in my words, but lack of understanding of this process, because it is very strange when a domain of 4 letters with a good description is rejected. You misunderstood my words, I did not accuse anyone, but called for greater objectivity in the approval process.You say ‘I have names that SH itself rejected 2 years ago - that I resubbed and the experts approved’ This doesn’t happen to me. So I’m happy for You. And I don’t believe in sabotage either. We work on a professional platform. But I know that someone has several hundred 4-letter domains on the SH domain marketplace, why is it not allowed for other domainers to place their very short names?..

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Answers: Unreg domains cost coins and that is what Grant is talking about.
Reg domains go through expert domain approval and there is no way to speed up.

YOU DID accuse - you called for “greater objectivity” (actually you did NOT call for that - you accused your friends)

“I know someone has several 4-letter domains…blah blah”, sure! of course! Some people focus on that. But if you have ONE 4 letter domain up against 3 others… what happens when the reviewers can only choose 1 or two???

I am really tired of this suspicion , that is all I know. And it is definitely deliberate.


Here’s a quiz. Which 4 letter domain is BEST out of 4:

You decide. Which is more sellable? Which out of 4 is more brandable? Which of these belongs in the marketplace when evaluated against one another?

PS: These were all domains that were up for auction on Godaddy and sold recently.


You’re right. If I received a list like this, it would be difficult for me to choose any of these domains for approval. I sincerely believed that domains are shown in a random way, and not like in your example. I was delusional. Imagine that for two years in a row, your requests are declined and the approval rate drops dramatically. Just imagine it for a minute. Based on your portfolio, this is not happening. I ask you not to go too far, I was really mistaken, and did not do it intentionally. I will try my best, not to lose heart and not reproach anyone.


Hi guys, there are quite a number of my domains at the Wholesale Marketplace at the moment for $10. Hurry and snap them up before they are sold out. Thanks


I understand and I feel for you on that. That is how I feel about contests now. But I have a ton of rejected domains for the marketplace, too. I do wish you best.


I wish you the same!..
I wish all of us patience and good luck in all our deeds and undertakings!


The situation is now worse. for weeks I cannot submit any new names.
@grant cant you do something about it? Like limiting number of submissions to 20 or 15 per user? You can make this limit dynamic by making it inversely proportional to total number of domains under review.