Well thats a bummer


love to know why they gave out a load of nahs then canceled all within a few minutes

ORTies too wordy, that’s why.

@Jose you are like a hawk.

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more like a rabbit…


Yeah…they gave me a whopping 11 “nahs” on super good names. So it was like a giant hit and run.If they cancel…do we get the nahs removed from our stats? Seems only fair.

After having my one moment in the spotlight…I sure am sliding down fast.Yikes! It’s the nature of the beast,I guess!

I had a contest where I was high trending and only myself and another person had the high stars clear through the end of the contest…almost everyone else had nahs…so I thought I had at least a 50/50 chance…but like a contest where I had the same exact scenario a few weeks back…someone who wasn’t even trending came from nowhere for the win. Booyah for them! Poop for me! lol!

Being a creative is nothing but unpredictable at the least, I would say.I don’t take anything for granted until or unless I get that magical email telling me I won. Saves yourself heartache that way!


Well said @hollygirl.

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Another bummer is …how come a CH is allowed to held another contest since a previous issue is not yet resolved.

I think I know what you’re talking about and I just threw in a bunch of good names. That is a bummer.

How about a new contest to see who gets the most “Nahs” in a 24 hour period. I believe I’m winning!


I might give you a run for the money…

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I think we’re all in the same boat. It’s getting so I cringe when I open up my ratings page.

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I got a half smile today


Feeling like a QueeNah.

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@hollygirl I think you are still thinking in the old imperial system, it’s gone metric now and those silly little nahs don’t even affect you or matter ?

They do.They count against your percentages, and your percentages help determine how many names you can submit,and your position as a namer.

@hollygirl this is an exert from dans post ‘changes to rating and point system’ I hope this helps:

  1. No Negative Points for Low Ratings

We are moving the point system to more of a positive reinforcement system, and have removed the punitive aspects. Therefore, the contestants will not lose points if they receive the “Not a Good Fit” rating, which is the red smiley. To balance this, we have reduced the points for contest participation from 10 to 5.

I’m not talking about points,dear…I’m talking about rating percentages(your pie wheel.) :0)

@hollygirl I think,not positive 99% certain , but a nah is the same as a no rating so therefore even if you deleted your no rating it would still act towards your percentages. SH made sure that even if you delete it, shows on %s as to stop people (me included) from deleting no rated entries to better your stats. I’ll try to find @Dan s answer to this for you if not maybe he could reply

I know @hollygirl and I’m more cheap than dear, my dear

I’m on a mission now to find dans answer to this @hollygirl

@Demiurge nope, honey, your “pie” shows how many % of your rated entries were rated high and how many % were rated low. Unrated entries are not included. Both smileys and a thinkie fill up the cute green slice of your pie while frownies fill up the big ugly gray slice :wink:

And here are the specific rules for number of entries allowed per contest:
Contestants with six months rating score of 10% or below: 5 entries
Contestants with six months rating score between 10% and 20%: 10 entries
Contestants with six months rating score between 20% and 22.5%: 15 entries
Contestants with six months rating score between 22.5% and 25%: 20 entries
Contestants with six months rating score between 25% and 30%: 25 entries
Contestants with six months rating score greater than 30%: 30 entries