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Trying to figure out how all this is done. I am wondering if creatives should put a few ideas down, maybe 5 possible names for the company to consider, instead of just one? I am giving 5 and hoping one works for them. Also, I need a tutorial on how to put in the name suggestions.


Best of luck for what system or route you take, if there is a sure fire way to gain an edge I’ve yet to find it. Mostly just think outside the box but try to get inside mind of ch mind. Best to You. Sm


hi am new here and yet to pay the sign up fee, i strongly believe that my ideas will help shape some upcoming businesses. squad help rocks.


Hello friends ! It is my first day here, I have just signed up today and joined my first assigned contests today. I am a well known creative person in my environment. I am good at finding ames for things… There is a great community here everything is reasonable and handy. Glad to be here.


Hello everyone I am new to Squadhelp, a pleasure to be here. I was wondering is there some type of tutorial for the newbies, especially when it comes to entering contests and etc. Thanks so much!:smile:


There is a series of videos on YouTube that I watched.


Estou ultra e mega feliz por ter conhecido a Squadhelp. Estou a meses procurando trabalhos home office e me encontrei nesse site que realmente é a minha cara, pois vou poder contribuir com a minha criatividade. Obrigada pela oportunidade!!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Same. I wish I could find more about SquadHelp on YouTube

@grant I have noticed a daily decrease of my percentile rank; even after shortlistings and “likes” from the CH. Is something wrong with the algorithm and can this be fixed to restore the percentile ranking? Has anyone else noticed this with their percentile ranking?


I’ve noticed the same thing and even BB it. So far no answer from SH team…


I have to agree that the algorithm for calculating the percentile has an extremely non-linear function and obeys the laws of a parallel universe - successfully working creatives watch their percentile fall every day, but for others who have not appeared on the site for years, the percentile is above 90%


I am noticing exactly the same as you, even with what to me appears to be a reasonable amount of positive ratings. This seems a definite change in how the percentages were calculated before. I recently won a contest and when I logged in that same day, I noticed my percentage had dropped yet again!


Same thing has happened to me. I have won a contest and was awarded in two others and not once did I see a bump up in rating. Every day it drops no matter what ratings I get.


Maybe this will help. I found this in the creatives info in the FAQ section.


Thanks for the link, it’s always useful to keep checking this information. However, I think what is being mentioned here (and in several other threads I’ve seen) is that something seems to have changed with the percentile calculation. NTY and unrated entries are pushing the percentage down but Loves, Likes, Shortlists or even Wins, don’t seem to be raising it very much, if at all, recently.


I think it all has to do with the influx of new creatives over the last year or two. The things I always keep in mind is
!> your score is based over the last six months
2> your score is based on comparision to your peers
3> each day your high-rating-over-number-of-entries is calculated and considered; but, each day, an old high-rating-over-number-of-entries is dropped off. Can and does effect your score.


My percentile score stays the same only if I get 5 or more Likes or Loves/Shortlists in one day (it doesn’t go up, it just stays the same). On all other days it goes down, rather quickly. It used to feel rewarding and motivating to see it go up after a good day.


It’s also calculated against all other creatives on this site

You might have gotten 4 or 5 high ratings. …but you don’t know how many high ratings everyone else received. Is also a six month average. Each day we go forward, a day of ratings fall off the back. So you might be in a six month period where you didn’t have as many high days as low or no days.
Not sure if I’m explaining this correctly.
@grant…weigh in?