Weird Marketplace Landing Page thing

I just encountered a strange thing. Typically, when someone enters a domain name with the exact match url, it goes to a page like this one:

But when I enter others, I get a different type of page:

What does this all mean? The different pages look a lot like standard listings (those are not standards) and there’s no button for getting affiliate links for FB, twitter, etc.

I haven’t checked all of my names to see which ones are which, what have you seen? When you look at these, do you see two different types of pages?

Added after: I used an incognito window and all of them ended up looking like the same kind of page …different than pages were before.

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Yes - same here… some of my domains are on the new look (and no affiliate links…) and others on the old format.

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So how do we opt out of the new landing pages altogether? It only allows us to choose one of the new types and one was already chosen for mine.

Here’s what I don’t like about them:
The old landing pages had larger format logo and lifestyle image.
The old landing pages had social media sharing links

the new landing pages look similar to some competitor’s landing pages, which I don’t like, either.

The announcement says: “we will be able to automatically show the best landing page version which has the highest likelihood of conversion for a specific name.”

But then we are asked to select a theme. Will buyers be shown original landing pages, too, based on the A/B testing?

Thank you for continuously looking to update the platform.
Just some more feedback on the new landing pages.

  • I agree with @Commulinks that the logos/visuals should be made a bigger. They currently seem lost on the page.
  • The text where it reads “Strong Buyer Interest” - the font size should be increased as its almost difficult to read.
  • The “scheduled price increase” (if there is one) is currently under “Strong Buyer Interest”. To me if would be more logical to have this next to the actual price of the domain as we’re trying to catch the attention of the potential buyer. If this does stay where it is, it also needs to increase in font size.

Thanks for all your hard work!


I don’t like the new pages but…

@grant I don’t think it’s relevant whether or not we like them if they convert better.

In addition to the above, there is no button to rate the logos anymore. Can that be looked at please?

Plus Phil has raised another BIG concern in another thread…

Plus whilst I’m here. The stats are still at only 3/4 of what they used to be (both traffic and shortlists). Can you confirm there are still issues please and it’s not anything to do with these new landing pages.

Many thanks.


I guess they had been testing it so no need to panic :slight_smile:

However I think these things could be improved: @grant

  • Yes the logo is too small, there is free space between the logo and the buy now button, I think you should make the logo larger.

  • So according to the tests, do we need the lifestyle images at all? Have you tested replacing the lifestyle images with another images, such a business card displaying the domain name, sample email address with the domain and the logo on the business card? And/or an image of a tablet which displays the logo?

  • The body text is too small, increase the font size of the body text on the landing page. Not every visitor can read such a small text easily. I think most landing pages use a large font size to make it easier to read it. Ok the visitor can increase the font size with the browser, but it’s extra work. It is better to use a larger font size by default.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: maybe this section at the end could contain some more questions and answers, not just these 3 (I guess the customers have a lot of questions - check your support requests). For example: “Will I get a tax receipt after my purchase?” (in some countries such as in the EU the businesses need a proper tax receipt for their accounting, it is an important question whether they will get a proper tax receipt or not), “Does the purchase include hosting?”, “What payment methods do you accept?”, “How much does it cost to keep renewing this domain name?” (Please note: I see some .xyz domain names for sale on Squadhelp where the renewal fee could be as high as 600 USD / year, so it is a very important question), “Who is SquadHelp, what is your company name and address?” etc.

  • I don’t like this price format: $ 2,199. The old landing page was better because it displayed the price like this: $ 2,199 USD. If you use the $ 2,199 format, then it is not clear what currency it is. The $ currency sign can mean USD, CAD, AUD etc. Multiple different currencies use this same $ sign, it is clearer to use the ISO currency code as well. Same thing with the phone number, it should contain the country dialing code (+1) as well.

  • Under the “proceed to the payment” button you display the logos of the accepted payment methods, but the PayPal icon is missing. Below a certain amount you accept PayPal, so if the price is below that threshold then you should display the PayPal icon because it builds trust, a lot of buyers prefer PayPal.

  • What about the TrustPilot ratings? Shouldn’t you include it on the landing page? I see the Shopperapproved badge but the Shopperapproved reviews are outadated and the TrustPilot site is more popular.

  • If the domain name contains a color name or if the domain name is related to a specific color, then the landing page should use that color. For example if the domain name contains the word “green”, then the landing page should be a green-themed landing page: green background, green background on the buy now button etc. If the domain name contains the word “purple”, then use a purple-themed landing page etc.

But of course the most important thing is to A/B test everything, these are just suggestions.


And if you have the time and resources please consider these improvements as well:

  • Landing pages in multiple different languages, such as in German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian etc.

  • Local support phone numbers, not just a US phone number

  • Local payment methods and multiple different currencies on the landing pages. For example allow German visitors to pay by SOFORT Banking in the EUR currency. And support local bank transfers to a local bank in multiple different currencies. For example allow French visitors to pay in EUR by a local bank transfer (bank transfer to a bank account located in the eurozone).


@grant The payment plan section has been removed too! Maybe its available after you press the Buy Now button but people won’t press that button if they can’t afford to pay it all at once.

Can I also add, just from a personal point of view, the page is pretty horrible. The text is almost unreadable (both the font and the size) and it all looks very childish. Sorry to be so blunt.



The payment plan section is now back for both premium and standard listings, clear your browser cache to see it. Looks like it was just a temporary glitch.


I noticed that only one payment plan type is showing and I don’t want that because it is the longest plan. Could we have all options listed, please?

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Thank you for sharing all your feedback related to the new landing pages. We have evaluated significant amount of data, analytics and screen recordings with our previous landing pages, and the new landing page structure is designed to address several of the critical usability issues with the previous version.

We plan to make ongoing adjustments to the new landing page design based on ongoing A/B testing as well as user feedback, so you should expect to see updates to these pages in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, please continue to share any feedback so that we can continue to improve the pages with a goal to maximize the sell-through rates for the domains


would it be possible to prioritize the installment offerings? I really don’t want super long payment plans to be my “standard”…I know I can change it in the system…but I don’t want to do that, either.

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If you click on the “pay in installments” button then proceed to the payment, then you can select all the installment payments plans available on the next screen. It is complicated as you can see, because it needs a whole screen to explain all the available options and surcharges.

So I think it’s a great thing that the landing page displays only 1 option. Offering too many options on one screen is not good, the user will be confused by all these options then just close the page.

The landing page is simple: either buy it now or pay in installments, simple. Too many choices are not good.

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except that when they click it, they have only one option…I don’t want to change my payment plans to suit the page.

Big improvement: cleaner, less-cluttered, more focused on the name. The negative space makes the page easier to navigate. The payment icons showing bitcoin, etc. are a great addition.

I think it will significantly increase conversions.



When I open my domain with the new landing page design, the logo is stretched out/ if I open it with my smartphone, and my smartphone is vertically-oriented/. That’s not good. Please fix it! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


In case of standard listings without a logo but with a lifestyle image, the lifestyle image is displayed twice in the image gallery, in two different dimensions. The first lifestyle image is larger, then you can move to the next image which is the exact same lifestyle image but in a smaller dimension.

And previously our standard domain listings showcased only our other standard and premium listings, but now it has been changed. So now the standard listings will no longer drive traffic to our own names.


@grant could you provide some feed back on @Bence_Ur issue. I’m hoping this is just an error. One of the advantages of adding names to standard is to drive people to OUR premium names, not to SH marketplace.

Could you also update us on the stats too please? We’re still at only 3/4s of traffic and shortlists. Can you confirm there is still an issue with reporting.

Many thanks

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The logo design rating is no longer available on the new landing pages.

But you can still rate the logos here:

In the main menu from your admin area, go to Services - My Logo Designs. From the drop-down menu select “My Completed Logos”. Then in the little search field enter the exact domain name you would like to rate. And then you can rate the logo design, however I don’t see which designer created the logo. This is a problem if a seller want to select his / her favorite logo designer.

I think the landing pages should display this logo design rating option like before.

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