Wedding: an invitation for my wedding


Oh, what a beauty she is! Congratulations!


@Muyi4every. Also congrats to @beloved. After all, you have to give the Momma credit too. Cheers to you both!!! She is so cute!!!:baby_bottle:


Wow! So beautiful! Congratulations to proud parents. I agree with@Alwrity AdoraBelle would be a lovely name imo


Awwww…so adorable, thank you for sharing her with us !!! Huge Congratulations to you both :heart_eyes::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::tada:


Congratulations of your bundle of Joy!


Lol, I even tried considering belle, but my immediate brothers daughter is Bella, anyways thanks so much @AlwriteyThen and all the well wishers, I really appreciate it