Wedding: an invitation for my wedding


We’ll try make it a date, don’t forget our cow meat, and palm wine tho😉


Congratulations @Muyi4every and @beloved. May you have a wonderful life together. Lots of love!


Congratulations @Muyi4every and @beloved. Enjoyed reading your story by the way @Muyi4every. Much love!


Congratulations @Muyi4every & @beloved!! Love is in the air! So sweet to invite us all, I will be there in spirit. Enjoy your special day and your life together as one :heartpulse:


Thanks you all for your well wishes, the wedding went successful, that’s the reason why I’m off SH recently, but I’m back and I pray that we all have wins together. Copies of our pictures have been added for those who didn’t make it to come as something to see as reference. Once again, thanks to SH and all the creatives


Beautiful couple. Congrats to you both.


Wow, absolutely stunning. Congrats to you both!


Stunning :star_struck: Wishing you Health & Happiness


Thank you for sharing your pictures of your lovely wedding. Blessings!


Congratulations and many wishes for happiness to the lovely couple!


Congratulations to you @Muyi4every and your wife @beloved … Would really had loved to attend but tbh, I’m just seeing this whole wedding discussion/forum just today, I never knew you posted this earlier in November. Kogi is kinda far from Lagos but I would have tried. Love to see that both of you look very happy and many years to your courtship. Enjoy the fruits of life and make your kids so happy… Have plenty children ooo :joy::joy: … Just kidding, In this Buhari time?:roll_eyes:


What a beautiful couple!!! I love the pictures @Muyi4every, thank you for posting them so we can share in your happiness!


Much Happiness to the both of you! Your a lucky guy, your bride is absolutely beautiful!!! The traditional wedding attire is gorgeous!


Wow! Congratulations to you both. What a beautiful bride. And Happy naming. Shanna


Thank you for sharing these beautiful wedding photos. Sending many blessings for a Happy and Wonderful Life together. You both look so beautiful. :heart_decoration::heart_decoration::heart_decoration::heart_decoration::heart_decoration::bouquet: