Wedding: an invitation for my wedding


I’m glad to invite every squad helpers to my wedding most especially the Nigerians among us here. It all started few years back when someone introduced me to this awesome and wonderful site, I never believe it was real as I’m a bit skeptical about the whole program. I was so excited getting my first love it, and gradually my first win. When I finally received the fund in my bank account, I thought wow! This thing is real, and not quite long, because of the recession in my country, many loss their jobs and I’m not exceptional. Ever since then, squad help has been my only source of income. While I’m working as a lecturer, my life never has a meaning as I hardly save anything, but working with squad help, I’m able to finally have some savings in my bank account (this is not bragging please). Now at least I live a meaningful life, and in fact, the whole wedding program is as a result of money won from SH. I’m indebted to this site, and I’ve also invited my wife to the site @beloved. I’m proud of her, she’s a nurse, and a wife every husband should be proud of. Once again, thank you @Darpan @SH team and the creative at large. This site will be forever in my heart. As for those who will like to come, I’m uploading a copy of IV to the forum which as well show the venue and the number to contact that will guide everyone to the venue. You are all invited


Congratulations @Muyi4every and @beloved, best wishes on your happy day!


What wonderful news! Congrats and best wishes!


Thank you for sharing - what a beautiful message @Muyi4every. All the best to you and your dearly @beloved :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:


Congrats. How lovely!!


This is as sweet as it gets. Congrats!


Congratulations !!! How kind of you to invite us all :heart_eyes: I will be there in spirit.


Congratulations! :wedding:


Congratulations to both of you @Muyi4every and @beloved, and very best wishes for a happy occasion. I might catch the first KQ out of NBO to Lagos for some fufu and dance. Thank you for the invite🎉


Congratulations! Wishing you all the best on your very special day!


Congratulations, and I’m so glad life has gotten easier for you. How lovely of you to invite people to your wonderful wedding. May God bless you both. You must be so excited.


@Muyi4every Congratulations to you and @beloved on your special day! Thank you for sharing your story and for your invitation!


Congratulation! Best wishes to both of you. Happy wedding :):grinning:


@Muyi4every and @beloved , Congratulations and Best wishes on your wedding.


Congratulation and Best wishes to @Muyi4every and @beloved !!! God bless this wonderful couple.


@Muyi4every- Wow, what an honor! Thank you and big congratulations to you and @beloved on your marriage!


Haha, I’m just back from a 3 day break to attend a wedding and I get invited to yet another! Congrats @Muyi4every and hope you have no further shortage of “LOVE its”.


Lol @lightless, I’m in a terrible month this days, getting up to three months without single win, but I’m committed to the site not because it’s a kind of addictive, but because they have helped me in life. Even if I don’t win till December, I’m OK with it, however, I’ll like to win on my wedding day just to make it a double celebration. I don’t know if my creativity is that poor, but I’ll not quit that’s for sure. @all, thanks for your well wishes, may we all have reasons to celebrate with each other, and @hollygirl I’m glad you are getting over the loss of your child, may you never witness it again in your life amen!!!


The caring and support of you all makes me teary and touches my heart. Thank you so very much.All of you that have reached out in kindness and caring, makes a huge difference to me.
I dont think you can ever get over losing your child…you just try to have faith and figure out a way to go on without them and try to create a new normal of sorts. My life will never be the same again…but I am trying…and friends like all of you make it easier. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers.May you all be blessed.


I’m so much relieved you’re back, may the goodness gracious great God Almighty always be your comforter, uphold you, and bring more overflowing blessings to your way