Website Maintenance

We will be upgrading our servers to ensure our website can handle much higher growth. Therefore the website will be down for 3-4 hours this morning (after 7:30am Central Time). We will announce it here when it is back up. Sorry about the inconvenience.

The website is back up. Please let us know if you experience any issues.

Urgent@ dan. submitt and withdraw features have suddenly stopped working? Have alterted team via blue button, not sure if that feature is down as well? Need fixed ASAP, please!!!Thanks


@Dan…it is also saying congratulations your entry was successful, but it doesn’t show it as submitted?

I’ve been having the same problem.

Sorry about the inconveniene. The issue should be fixed now. Please let us know if you experience it again.

I may have missed an update that addresses this if so my apologies. When I submit a logo and go to view it there is a lot of white space on one side of the design preview. I’ve not seen this before and am not sure if it is an intentional change or something caused from the recent upgrade. TIA

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@Dan - I’m seeing a couple issues after the maintenance: Our entries used to show in order from high rated to low rated and unrated. The entries now seem to be scattered/organized with no rhyme or reason.

I think the percentages are wrong. My high rated entry percentage jumped from 75% to 91%.

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@Dan, I’m having problems with the active contest page not showing all the contests I’ve entered in. It will list the first two, then when I click on the link where it says “1 more” , It does nothing but refresh the page. I hope this makes sense

I can’t find a link to top trenders, did it get took down?

Fixed. …thanks. 20 characters😎

Answered. …thank you@ Janice

Yes…I noticed that too, and it is so much better when your entries are listed by rating and not scrambled .

@Dan Think there’s a glitch every CH seems to have been on an Hour ago)

Here’s something that needs to be changed. Refreshing the page where you’re viewing your submissions, takes you back to the main brief page. If it could stay on the page you’re refreshing, that would be great.

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@ Dan …please can you change it back so our entries on the entries on the contest page are grouped together by rating? I like to see at a glance what my high rated entries are instead of having to sift thru the whole list. Thanks.

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@hollygirl, this should be fixed now.


The “My contest” page should now show all contests. It was short by one contest earlier when you click on View More.

After winning a contest, do we have to start submitting a request for payments again? It was automatic before, but now I see a button to request payment?

Much better! Thanks so much!