Would anyone be interested if SQUADHELP hosted Webinars for these topics… Maybe subscription based for a small fee or Cached… I am interested in learning more as this is my main source of income. What are your thoughts as CREATIVES… and what are SH thoughts… We could earn BADGES from this. ALSO it would help SH managed services and the TM and Legal Department because if we attend webinars it would further educate the community to help educate us on what we are doing… and save SH managed service time because we attend the WORKSHOPS and EARN A LEVEL of ACHIEVEMENT or Recgnition. I would actually pay… a small fee for the webinar… should it be free should we pay what should info cover LETS HOLLA… remermber it takes content and Education… SO MOVING forward


I would be in…

We could use our POINTS for this! Love it!


I like it. I’m in too!

Good idea! I really like it!

Can’t hurt, 20 characters

If we see a name that cant possibly be used for the same industry .Should we alert a contest holder or is that something we shouldnt do

I would be interested in it.

Count me in VivaKarma

Its probably best not to know too much or you will start seconding guessing and not entering things that might have won.


Personally, because of many factors, I don’t think it is necessary or would add much value beyond what creatives know/can know with a little effort or what is already disclosed in the Squadhelp FAQ/knowledge base.

There are many great comprehensive books and free online resources on branding. Trademarking/legalities are so arcane and factor-dependent that only specialists and attorneys can understand it or apply it beyond a very basic level. So much of naming here is based on gut, intuition, personal knowledge/experience and the particulars of specific contests/individual customers and their feedback.


But cutting to the chase rather than a comprehensive book because of technology can keep us in a tight loop and SH could keep us informed in an awesome way from the departments that they have on board and provide us with good positive direction and information to help us that may become frustrated… looking for new ideas looking to DEEPEN our knowledge and again it would take more weight off of SH departments and assist everyone in being more proficient in their roles.

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things that have been around for ages might also not be trademarked so I would leave it to the lawyers and experts, a little knowledge is actually a bad thing .Like having a little knowledge about medical things :wink: you start advising people to do the wrong thing

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Hi All - We are excited for your interest in learning more about naming and branding best practices. At this time, we have a few resources:

We will keep the interests that you’ve shared in this thread in mind as we move forward :slight_smile:

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