Water Purification Contest - Best Entry

@Dan I got home from work and had the “get your best entry in” note, BUT, it is already awarded??? What’s going on??

Please advise. THX!

@jackieheraty, the CH ended up picking a winner in this case.

Hello, I am new and just curious about the note you received- get your best entry in- is that random or why would someone receive it? Thanks, Shanna

Is it only certain people received that BEST ENTRY NOTE? We may know the reason why…

Should be an email to anyone who participated in the contest. There is also a tab on the left of the active contests page that you can check to see if there are any best entries due.

Yes everyone with entries in the contest gets the same email.

Ok thanks, that is good to know.

It makes me laugh when I get the best entry notification - the contest holder obviously didn’t think ANY of mine were above a “NAH” and it seems kind of silly to bother putting in two names. Unless, of course, you were putting all the names in a hat and randomly choosing the award winning entry. That will be the only way I will win one, I’m sure. I wonder - If the contestant hated all of mine, should I even bother to select two of my entries that they didn’t like in hopes ya’ll will like? I don’t know how you select the winning entry in this case - surely mine don’t have a chance when they are rated so low. ?? Thanks for any direction in this, Sincerely, Harley

I would say don’t bother unless you have a “like” or a “love”.

Read this.

…or a not rated at all

Oh yes Jose… Or that.