Wasting Ideas on Contest when CH has decided

I am a new user, been here for a few days and I am trying my best to come up with a few ideas. I have a problem with the feedback from CHolders, that is, how do we know if they haven’t already decided a name for their company and they are just waiting for the context to expire before announcing the winner?
It’s not nice for me, for everyone, to keep wasting time trying to find a name for a website/app/etc when nobody is going to look at your work because everything has already been decided.
Sometimes I see that 1 day before the end there are already 6 or even more people who got a 5-star rating from the CH, in this case I know that it’s unlikely that I come up with a better idea.
But, in other contests, one day from the end, nobody has got a 5-star mark yet and I keep trying to find the right idea but I wonder if nobody has got 5 only because the CH has already chosen and they are not looking at the submissions anynmore.

One CH commented on my submission, said “thank you for your good idea” but didn’t give me any rating, what am I supposed to do/think?

I wish I could give you a concrete answer Wolverutto, But simply every contest and CH are different, Granted it would be nice to know if our entries were even seen, one way for sure is to message the Ch through either private or Public chat asking if they have found a winner, especially when getting late to the party and there are already some 5 and 4 starred entries… other than that your in a pool with roughly 1000 names just hope your names float!
Lastly I had a Ch recently as well thought my name was clever, just not a good fit it did however remind him to get blueberries ) me I was left with the empty bag ) let it roll off your back and keep plugging away>

@seezall Your idea about messaging the CH is a good one, too bad new members like Wolverutto, myself, and anyone else that is new aren’t afforded the luxury of being able to public and/or private chat with CHes because we arent high enough ranked and havent been around long enough.

Hi Wolverutto,
Welcome to SH. I joined in March and like you, I think about things like that on every single contest.

The truth is, we never have any idea if a contest holder has found “the” name they want unless they tell us in a public message. But only a few CHs have ever done that. Some CHs put ALL of the names they like in the “on the right track” category and never do the Love category at all. Others put skads of names in the “love” category when they clearly do not “love” all of them.

The advantage the CH has is that they can see all of the names to compare and contrast. So we don’t know what others have subbed and can’t do the same to see if there may be room to convince a CH of a different name or if they have stopped looking at them. One thing I do is look to see that last time the CH logged in, which is visible. If I see a CH hasn’t been around for a while, I move on to another contest. I also look to see how many names they have actually rated against that.

Many contestants would say that they have won contests that they had no idea they were going to win. I have won contests by subbing names very late in the game even up to the very last minutes of a contest. You never know, which is why these are contests and not contract labor work.

Ultimately, it is up to the contestant to roll the dice or not. Waste time or not. Time spent on MANY contests, even when you have “love it” names often only pay off on some other contest.

Honestly, sometimes when I see the winning name I wonder what on earth the CH was thinking. But it is their choice as it is our choice to participate or not.

As far as messaging a CH is concerned, SH is planning to turn that off for all open contests soon, except for public messages. And it won’t take long for you to have the ability to send public messages if your names begin getting good ratings.

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