There is a serious issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

As now SH enabled the option of submitting domains that were rejected before 60 Days, I tried to submit some domains that were previously rejected and gave them a second chance. But, The system automatically reads the domain status as rejected ( like before ) And automatically rejects them again.

Therefore, The domains must be first deleted from the system before submitting them again, Because if they are still memorized they will be auto-rejected just like before.

A quick example is the following 2 names which i just submitted :

XXXXXXX.com and XXXXXXX.com ( Shared with SH Support ) , I have just submitted them before a couple of minutes and now i see they are auto-rejected and the system says they are added on Jan 18, 2020. Which is the previous submission date.

Not only these two, This has happened for many of my domains and maybe some other sellers too.

For today i have submitted many domains and they were all auto-rejected, The previous couple of days i submitted XXXXXX.com which was also auto-rejected. I have reported the issue of XXXXXX.com on another conversation with the support but at the time i didn’t realize what was really happening, I just mentioned that the domain was sitting for seconds on Pending Review and received 11 Expert Reviews already, In a Blink of an Eye, Which is of course impossible, Those votes must be from the previous same name submission or it’s just a system error. And i also hinted at the issue of the System mentioning the old submission dates and not updating to the new ones.

This issue must be given a high priority because is causing people loss of coins and wasting their time submitting domains that will get auto rejected.

I have shared this on the forum to warn people, So they don’t waste their coins and time.


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Thanks for approving my post,

Here’s a quick solution i suggested to SH :

The database of all rejected domains before each 60 days must be cleared from the system, So, Once re-submitted again, The system will read it as “New Submission” and give it the real time date not an old one because it’s not saved in it. And therefore it should process as normal.

Or, You can simply clear the database of All rejected domains prior the release of Expert Reviews Option. And allow re-submissions of the time prior the release of this last, Means if a domain is rejected after the release of Expert Reviews option then it will not be permitted to get re-submitted again and only the domains that were rejected prior the release of this feature will be able to. I think this makes sense because if a domain fails to make it with the Expert Review votes then it will likely fail again after 60 days.Or at least enlarge the gap to 6-months or so, As some domains tend to fluctuate in terms of value.


This issue has been corrected as of last week, and if you resubmit a name which previously had 10+ votes, the votes will now be reset. We are also compiling a list of names that were submitted the second time and auto rejected due the previous votes being counted. We will be refunding coins in those situations (if the coins were used second time).


Sorry, Grant, This issue has not been corrected. Yesterday and today I try to resubmit my BPL domains after 60 days and immediatly get message ‘15 Expert Reviews Completed’