Want a .com URL: Yes, But minor variations are allowed

I’m trying to understand this contest requirement:
“Want a .com URL: Yes, But minor variations are allowed”

I haven’t been able to figure out exactly why it exists or how it’s useful for either contestants or CHs. Particularly, what types of minor variations can I make? Can anyone explain?

I know it allows me to enter any domain name I want, even registered ones.


I wasnt sure either whether we are supposed to write down the variation that might get a domain in the comments

My best guess on this is if you were to submit Baker as the name but url is taken the ch would use Baker as the name ( maybe in comments leave ) Bakerstreetfare is available

I interpret that let’s say the company name is XYZ Company, but that specific URL is already taken, but XYZCo isnt, the URL could be an abbreviation, or slight difference of wording of the company name

@cfdesignz your interpretation is correct. Some business owners do not necessarily need the exact same URL - their priority is to get a good name, and if the exact URL is not available, they are ok to accept variations for URL. We will further clarify this in the contest page.


Thank you all. @cfdesignz’s use case is what I had in mind too.

But, I still can’t see why it allows us to enter even registered domain names? How do you guys find this useful?

@seezall Don’t you think it’s better to enter with Bakerstreetfare.com and then comment that Baker would be the brand name? I mean, what if it was Applestreetfare, should the CH see Apple.com as entry?

AHHHHH not sure its kinda of a Query! Or a Case by Case depending on CH but I would tend to say personally I would give them a name First then comment and say available with most field extensions i.e insurance, tech, etc…

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Thanks @seezall. That was helpful.

Thank you for asking this, @Front - I had also been confused… @Seezall explained how I would do it, w/ @cfdesignz nailing the interpretation.
I still have a hard time figuring out How to enter, as I often feel that if the CH sees the idea for company OR domain name in the entry, it may get dismissed without the CH ever looking at the follow-up explanation… So, I feel disadvantaged, in a way, with that “variation” instruction.
Looking forward to the clarification @Dan -

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I know now the source of my confusion about this feature. I think it’s due to the fact that a ‘.com’ sits next to the entry input box.

[__________] [.com] <-- like that

Somehow that tricked my mind to go into another mode, thinking it’s an Exact-domain-only contest. Actually, this is the same as the old Brand Name contest, which happen to also check for URL availability, right? Just that in the old one there was no [.com] next to the input box.

I have a feeling maybe more than a few contestants are confused about this feature, or maybe just the way it’s being presented. I did an experiment on a recent contest, here’s what I found.

Let’s use an imaginary contest to illustrate. Given ‘ham’ and ‘burger’ as keywords.

h <----- really??

All the above were already entered by contestants. Isn’t that interesting?

new feature Front! protects your names had the same issue but discovered that when I deleted “hamburgerHill” I could then resub hamburger no problem

Great film that one seezall :slight_smile:

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