Waaaiting is the hardest part

How do you all stand it when it goes into pending winner selection??? :fearful: I got excited earlier, and actually squealed out loud, because I looked at one that had closed and it had quite a few loves earlier and I saw just one :heart: and my page said I had a :heart: and I thought that meant they’d narrowed it down to me. :scream: My kids looked at me all like :unamused: and that was when I realized the board had changed and things looked different and I had no reason to :scream: because it was still pending. :flushed:


You just have to wait. You just might win. Good Luck to you!

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lol - Waiting is the hardest part. Thanks! Don’t know if I will, but keeping fingers crossed! Some very tough competition here.

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A watched pot never boils! Good luck Sorry Dan

Thanks seezall, and to you too! They aren’t supposed to do that are they???

It was the concept I proposed with my name , so no violation, just one of those that stinks situation

Well, hopefully, you win then! I suppose there are drawbacks to giving concepts ideas. I also presented one to the CH to go along with your tree… Ugh.

with over 250 contests a month its bound to happen here and there)