Viva Less Vague-ness!

@Dan I was just wondering if recommendation is given to CH’s to be specific in their contest titles and examples given to them? Do they know that it’s much easier for creatives to find them in a long list if they are more specific and will likely result in more participation? You know, rather than “I want a catchy name for my business” they should be adding more . Example: “I need a clever .com name for a slot machine that pays out millions to LuckyDuck and the wonderful creatives on SH. :D”


Many times I get lost between one catchy name to another, Making me drop the ones I coulda Caught.


Totally agree Lucky. Don’t want to rock the boat but it would be nice to see the CH side. Sometimes I think CH is a bit lost. Only squadhelp can tell. I think its very important to everyone involved, so I will enquire. Best of luck.