Viral Marketing Contests

We are planning to relaunch our viral marketing contests in near future to allow contestants to spread the word about brands and businesses by tapping into their own social networks. If you have any thoughts about features that would make these types of contests fun and easy to use, please share your feedback.

For example, if the brand wants to promote their website, or app in social media, what are some of the tools that we should add in our platform that would make it easy for contestants to spread the word about the brand.

Are there any other types of contests you would like to see on Squadhelp?

Speaking (duh) only for myself, I think viral marketing is an idea whose time has come and gone. There’s just too much noise for it to be effective. Besides that, it’s very transparent, not very sticky, and kinda skanky.

I’d like to see swag prizes for either squadhelp (like a tshirt) or the business that is marketing. I could see pinterest but no twitter or emailing.

I agree with @Stalias. Personally, I’m here participating exactly because SH doesn’t feel like a typical online marketing crowd, they see marketing as warfare, I can understand that but don’t like it. Many I’ve seen feels like online-cheating not marketing, very shady.