Villa contest result

Maybe I’m looking into this to much but the winner joined just before this contest started and the winning name has been written in all capitals just like the name of the CH has entered their name “AMANJI”


oops read it as Lemira Estates, Le Mirage ah it doesnt exist lol

While Rwanda has a lot of French influence and the name itself did not surprise me, the big flashing red flags on the winner did. I hope SH takes a close look at this one.



Of course, it could have been named after this :wink:


We are looking into this contest, and will update if we find any evidence of violation of our Terms.


Hi, @Dan, I thought new rules had been put into place regarding new contestants. I thought they would be unable to win a contest until after they have been here awhile???

Many thanks!

I don’t have a problem with a contestant winning the first entry they ever place, why would they be here if they did not want to win. Just needs to be a legitamate member that’s all.


What appears as a newbie contestant may in fact be a seasoned marketer who’s come here to test his/her prowess against the best creative crowd in the world just for the fun of it.


@kral, we do not differentiate between new members from existing members in this regard. We believe users should win a contest on the merit of their entry not because of their tenure. We do have controls in place that ensure that a new user can not participate in contest that started prior to their registration date ( they can only join those contests that started 24 hours after their registration). We also have other checks (such as IP logs) to make sure the users are not misusing the contest system by creating multiple accounts. We are continuing to work on implementing more checks and controls to minimize any misuse or violation of Terms of Service


While I admit my entry was not original or creative, it was my entry “the residence estates” that the Ch threw out into discussion. These property contests always seem to choose the most straightforward names usually, so thought I would try my luck.

But once again a brand new contestant takes the cake. I never once saw this contestants name trending on this competition. The amount of times a new contestant wins is uncanny, don’t ya think!

If it’s legit than congrats!


Contests share much in common with relationships. Not every top-trending eye-candy of a girlfriend on the arm of a dandy is cut out of Savile Row marriage material…:slight_smile:


Hey, Lorin, lol. Well you’re right about that, I think what I meant to say is that they had to be here awhile, like a couple of days to a week, before they could actually start or enter a contest. I couldn’t remember exactly how the new rule went is all. :sunglasses:

@Dan, Thank you for setting the record straight about that, I wasn’t real clear about how that went exactly. Perhaps a person should have to wait for a week after signing up, before they can actually participate as a preventative measure. *Also you might want to delete this topic soon, as another precautionary effort.
Thanks much, Dan.

Not exactly sure if I share your vision completely, but one never knows do they… :wink:

You really do have a way with words, btw. Kudos.


The things you come up with and say, is truly ‘visionary’ :slight_smile:


Any update on this one yet? Unless you have temporarily frozen the contestants account while you investigate, this user has not entered a single entry in any comp since winning. We all know how strange that is, when you actually win a competition! Who abandons their account after a win?! :slight_smile:

Anyway, just checking in; no psycho rant from me!! lol

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Someone who isn’t a gambler ? :wink:


Doh, so this website is really just ‘Gamblers Anonymous’, under the code name, ‘Squadhelp’? :blush:


Definitely need my daily fix