View Submissions Dashboard

@Dan Is there a way to view your Submissions Dashboard on Pending/Finalizing winners contests?

Often CH’s change ratings while finalizing, and it might be nice to see those all in one spot on our dashboard.
Currently I can only see active contest submissions …way back in the old days, we used to see both.

Unless I’m missing something lol

That would be helpful! Right now the only way I usually can tell if a rating has been changed in a closed contest is by checking my activity log and trying to catch it.

If you just click on the 60 part(on my example) It will show you all the pending does that help? It separates active and pending that way

Thanks Seezall, but I’d rather see the list with each rating rather than have to pull up every contest.
We used to have it before all the changes now the submission dashboard just shows you current contests and your ratings. Just wondering if they could add pending to that list.



We will add the same breakup for pending contests. it might take some time because we want to make sure it doesn’t slow down the page load time.

Thank you @Dan, I’ll await the announcement :slight_smile:

So happy! Can’t wait.Thanks so much. @Dan

Grampam, it’s done, now when you view your Submissions Dashboard you can see active and pending.

Thanks so much. Congrats on your success.