Very confused about this

Why when I check a domain on GoDaddy it comes up as being available…but when I try to enter it for a contest it says the domain is taken? I have checked twice on GoDaddy, and it’s available…but every time I try to enter it, it says it’s not. Help!

maybe it was registered on another site like weebly or other web hosting sites.

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No, I have the same experience. Site says not avail, but it is avail

Same here. I think it’s a glitch. I know awhile back ago sh stated that it was happening on contests with multiple urls. E.I.; .com, .au, .eu, .org. ect.

Hollygirl, maybe 1-2 mouse clicks on the comment field will help you (in a process of submitting).It is equivalent to repeated check of the domain through SH service.

Can you please share the contest where this issue is happening? We will look into this right away.

Yes I don’t know much about domain stuff, but when I enter a domain name and it shows up as unavailable, sometimes I go check to see what the product is on that site, and its listed on go daddy for sale for $9 or something. This happened to me today.

Yes. Even I faced it. Shared it with the Squadhelp team who stated that they will ask the technical team to look into it. Haven’t heard back from them since.